New season.
New gift packaging.

Current trends, seasonal colours or especially striking shapes mean the world of giving changes from one year to the next. This is also true of Karl Knauer’s gift packaging range. Analysing trends in detail and having a profound understanding of the market and our customers help us in this respect. See for yourself!


wine bottle gift carton Weintrilogie
Ensemble von drei stilisierten Weinmotiven Flasche, Gläser, Rebe

An ensemble of three stylised wine designs – bottle, glasses, vine in white, gold and black – is what makes this timeless, noble black carton impressive. The golden elements are embossed with a shiny foil and are characterised by their attention to detail. The highlight of the wine gift carton is the reflective “MEIN WEIN” inscription in the centre.

The Weintrilogie design is available as a 2 or 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.

bottle wine folding box Exquisit
Changiernde Mattglanzeffekte

Elegant and harmonious: Exquisit inspires with iridescent matte-gloss effects and its interplay of shiny gold grapes and gold matte wine leaves on a matte black base. An Italian artist came up with the design.

The Exquisit design is available as a 1, 2 or 3 bottle wine folding box, 360 mm.

bottle wine folding box Multicolor
Frisches modernes Weinmotiv, welches effektvoll mit bunten Farben spielt

Contrasting with the noble black, a fresh, modern wine design effectively plays with bright colours – a work of art with a spirited presentation. This colour combination allows you to lovingly pack white wine as well as rosé and red wine.

The Multicolor design is available as a 1, 2 or 3 bottle wine folding box, 360 mm.

wine bottle gift carton WEINline
Schwungvoll präsentiert sich das neue, moderne „One Line Art“-Motiv WEINline auf PURE line Natur

The new, modern WEINline “One Line Art” design makes a lively impression. On plain PURE line nature, the artist has combined wine bottle and glass with a dark, deeply embossed line and minimalist presentation.

The WEINline design is available as a 2 or 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.

bottle wine gift carton Noblesse
Neutrales Motiv mit Reliefgold

A neutral design with a clear use of form and white, dark and especially relief gold embossed elements. They form the basis of the noble packaging. Ideal for that very special occasion.

The Noblesse design is available as a 2 or 3 bottle wine gift carton, 360 mm.

bottle wine folding box De Luxe XL
De Luxe XL, extra gestaltet und produziert für dickere Sekt-, Crémant-, Champagner- oder Burgunderflaschen, luxuriös verpackt. Dynamische Goldelemente bringen diese Verpackung zum Funkeln.
De Luxe XL

A new series of folding boxes, specially designed and produced for thicker bottles of sparkling wine, crémant, champagne and burgundy, with luxurious packaging. Dynamic gold elements make this packaging sparkle. The curve on the front edge gives this folding box series a unique touch.

The De Luxe XL design is available as a 1, 2 and 3 bottle wine folding box, 330 mm.

PURE line dark blue and dark green
PURE line dark blue and dark green

The successful PURE line welcomes some new additions again this year – a matt dark blue and a strong dark green. These two colours are also ideal for individual logo embossing from 500 pieces.

The PURE line dark blue and dark green designs are initially available as 2 and 3 bottle wine gift cartons, 360 mm.

PURE line Bocksbeutel
Die PURE line Natur Familie bekommt Zuwachs: Der 1er-Bocksbeutel ist nicht nur die optimale Ergänzung für alle Kunden aus Franken, sondern sie eignet sich auch bestens für viele kleinere Geschenke.
PURE line Bocksbeutel

The PURE line nature family is growing: The 1 bottle Bocksbeutel is not only the ideal complement for all our customers from Franconia, it’s also perfect for many smaller gifts.

The 1 bottle Bocksbeutel (BB) is available as a foldable cutout that is 236 x 150 x 77 mm in size and suitable for subsequent embossing.

PURE line cover black
Der PURE line Deckel Schwarz ist passend zu unseren 2er und 3er Geschenkkassetten in den Maßen 406x175x32 mm bzw. 406x257x32mm verfügbar.
PURE line Deckel Schwarz

There is now a matching PURE line cover black for gift cartridge bases in PURE line nature and black. The cover is easy to unfold and provides an optimal surface for subsequent embossing. It also offers a sustainable alternative to the plastic cover.

The PURE line cover black is available to fit our 2 and 3 bottle gift cartridges in sizes 406 x 175 x 32 mm and 406 x 257 x 32 mm.

bottle wine gift carton Simply Christmas
Simply Christmas

Snow-white, Christmas icons come together in a harmonious composition. Christmas tree, angels, candles, baubles, gifts: The numerous, lovingly placed details makes you wish the Christmas season had already begun.

The Simply Christmas design is available as a 2 or 3 bottle wine gift carton, 360 mm.

bottle wine gift carton Schlittenfahrt
Weinpräsentkarton für Weihnachten in mattem Weiß

The embossing in matte white evokes childhood memories of a magical dreamy Christmas Eve. Three reindeer pulling the packed Christmas sleigh and the sound of bells in the background – the ideal gift carton for Christmas gifts.

The Schlittenfahrt design is available as a 2 or 3 bottle wine gift carton, 360 mm.

Die Multibox ist erhältlich als Faltzuschnitt in den Maßen 245x104x98mm und ist für nachträgliche Prägungen und Fensterausstanzungen geeignet.
PURE line Multibox

A real all-rounder: the new PURE line Multibox. Whisky, gin and other spirits, not forgetting honey and jam jars, need wait no longer for their perfect packaging – this is also thanks to the modular inlay, which can be adapted to the gift both in height and via folding flaps. From 500 pieces, the packaging can be subsequently embossed and a window can be punched out.

The Multibox is available as a foldable cutout that is 245 x 104 x 98 mm in size and suitable for subsequent embossing and window punching.

Eine Innovation von Karl Knauer sind die neuen PURE line Cubes, welche sowohl als Korb fungieren kann oder auch in einem Präsentkarton für zusätzliche Ordnung bzw. Unterteilung sorgt.
PURE line Cubes

The new PURE line cubes are a Karl Knauer innovation. These cubes can function both as a basket and in a gift carton, thereby providing additional order or subdivision.  From 50 pieces, the cubes can be easily combined thanks to their availability in black and nature. They are perfect for the 2 and 3 bottle WGC 360 mm inlays.

The cubes are available with dimensions 176 x 159 x 80 mm and in colours PURE nature and black.

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