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The growing market pressure in the beverage sector places high demands on packaging manufacturers when it comes to flexibility, product quality and efficiency of packaging machines.

Our new products - innovative packaging types, shapes and qualities - are also driven by a strong environmental awareness and the demand for sustainability. Several new developments have revolutionised the sector.


Special packaging designs

“Our gin packaging acts as a calling card for pure gin enjoyment: extremely cool, provocative and unfussy. With a black offset drink and white hot foil embossing on the matt white rough cardboard, Karl Knauer has precisely met our tastes and needs - we really hit the jackpot!”

Can Saglam, Managing Director of HEERSCHILD

Alternatives to shrink wrap

LitePac Top brings sustainability to container packaging

Tighter laws, rising energy prices and a change in consumer attitudes demand alternatives to plastic and foil. Despite this, PET bottles and beverage cans are still popular primary packaging for drinks in Germany. This makes it all the more important to avoid plastic in secondary packaging.

Revolutionary cardboard container packaging

Working together with Krones AG, system suppliers in the beverage sector, we have developed sustainable “LitePac Top” packaging. Instead of shrink wrap, a sturdy box holds the – mostly – 6-packs of 0.5 to 1.5-litre PET bottles securely together. But LitePac Top is also available for 2- or 4-bottle packs.  “LitePac Top” attached from above connects the bottles. For the 0.5 to 1.5-litre bottles, 100% paper hoops provide additional stability. 

LitePac Top
LitePac Top, shown here with 6 x 1.5 L PET bottles

LitePac Top for beverage cans

LitePac Top can also be used to safely package beverage cans without plastic. A sturdy cardboard box holds the 4, 6 or 8-can containers securely together. In addition to LitePac Top Standard, LitePac Top Protect and LitePac Top Promo Skirt are also available.

LitePac Top Standard
LitePac Top Standard, shown here with 6 x 0.5 L standard cans

LitePac Top Protect – The all-rounder among the clips.  

In addition to the standard cans, the LitePac Top Protect variant can even be used for the other can types Slim or Sleek. Each can clicks into the carrying shape. The can lid is protected against soiling.

LitePac Top Protect
LitePac Top Protect, pictured here with 6 x 0.25 L Slim cans
LitePac Top Protect
LitePac Top Protect, pictured here with 4 x 0.33 L Sleek cans

LitePac Top Promo Skirt – More design freedom.

The perfect solution to give your product more design freedom with LitePac Top Standard. The additional sleeve offers media space for more information.

LitePac Top Promo Skirt
LitePac Top Promo Skirt, pictured here with 6 x 0.5 L standard cans
Mechanical Engineering

Automatic clipper for grouping cans with a beverage carrier

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Karl Knauer mit LitePac Top im packaging journal TV
Added value

The benefits of LitePac Top

  • Suitable for PET one-way bottles and cans
  • Sustainable alternative to foil containers, made from 100% renewable raw materials
  • Very good environmental balance thanks to lower material usage, reduced energy consumption during production
    along with approx. 30 % CO₂ energy saving vs. shrink wrap
  • 100 % recyclability of complete packaging and a lower waste volume
  • High transport stability and carrying comfort, even when removing individual cans or bottles
  • The ideal solution for every need. From small print runs to medium-sized requirements and large print runs.
Individual gift packaging for a range of beverages
Product variety

For every requirement and every taste: our product variety

Whether it is a global company or a small craft beer brewery: We offer packaging for the national and international beverage industry in the beer, soft drinks, spirits and wine sectors. Our product variety fulfils all the requirements of the beverage industry: baskets, wraps, fully closed packaging, clips, premium folding boxes and complex special designs. We would also be delighted to provide refreshing, entirely new solutions.


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Added value

Why we are the perfect beverage packaging manufacturer for you:

  • Specialist: Major expertise in beverage packaging, well-founded expert knowledge, in-house team of experts with specialised packaging developers 
  • Quality leader: Processing of all grades of board, consistently high quality, with highly efficient packaging and machine compatibility 
  • Market leader: Innovation leader and development partner for new packaging containers; numerous awards confirm this leading position 
  • Sustainability: Responsible action forms a central component of our activities, from product development and advice on sustainable alternatives to climate-neutral production
Whether it is beer, soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral waters, spirits or wine, bottles or cans, individual products or containers, standard or entirely new cardboard solutions - we have your drinks packaging. Contact us now! We are happy to advise.

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