Custom packaging

Karl Knauer’s packaging experts are specialised in developing individual product packaging. Folding boxes for almost all industries and for practically all types of packaging. With professionalism, expertise and attention to detail. Our goal is to develop the perfect packaging and to set the stage for your product and brand. We achieve this by using a variety of functions, shapes, materials and finishes, printed all over in your design. To create an appearance that is as unique as your product.


Packaging as a marketing tool

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made at the POS in a matter of moments. The packaging and folding boxes are the focus of the purchase decision. They provide guidance, make the product more recognisable and help with assessing price and performance. Consumers use packaging as a key decision-making aid. They are sign systems that primarily address feelings such as appeal, attractiveness and trust. Emotion takes priority over everything else during the decision-making process, which is only one-third rational.

Individual packaging solutions in particular, satisfy the following services as a marketing tool:

  • Wide-ranging coverage as a success factor: Consumers come into contact with folding boxes or product packaging regularly and several times over – up to ten times – first at the POS, then several times at home. The packaging helps to boost coverage of the product, as well as acting as a brand ambassador.
  • Quality ambassador as a success factor: Consumers’ assessment of a product’s quality is initially based on its packaging.
  • Eco-friendliness as a success factor: The cardboard packaging provides information on the environmental friendliness of both the box and the product.
  • Brand presence as a success factor: Packaging anchors the brand in consumers’ everyday lives. It encourages consumption, resale and recommendation.
Printed box with inlay that lifts on opening
Individual packaging for Wihas electric screwdrivers
Sliding box filled with miniature bottles
Individual sliding box for bath additive

The benefits of custom packaging for your product

  1. Clearance sales promotions
    Product packaging is one of a product’s strongest communication channels and has been proven to promote both sales and consumption of a product. Packaging helps consumers make a purchase decision and provides orientation on the shelf. Individual packaging in particular has a high advertising effect and encourages consumption, and even recommendations
  2. Communication of values
    Packaging strengthens brand values and creates trust. In addition to the actual protective mechanism, packaging is a valuable brand and quality ambassador.
  3. Indication of eco-friendliness
    Cardboard folding boxes are made of wood fibres, a renewable raw material. With a cardboard folding box, you’re setting a visible sign for responsible use of resources and against environmental pollution. At over 80%, cardboard boxes have the highest recycling rate of all types of packaging. They can also be recycled several times over.
  4. In unity with the contents
    When packaging is successful, the product and its contents work as a single unit. The product packaging is perceived as being equally important to the factors of quality, brand identity, taste, origin and ingredients. Consumers believe that the packaging forms part of the product’s characteristics. An unpackaged product is viewed as being inferior or unimportant.
  5. Trust ambassador
    No medium enjoys greater consumer confidence than printed product packaging. Analyses suggest that its credibility in terms of persuasiveness and reliability is almost 200% above the average of other advertising media.


7 steps to custom packaging: Our Innovation Engine 7.0

Whether you opt for cardboard, corrugated cardboard or something totally brand-new, the choice of materials for printed packaging is almost infinite. Choose a material that is individually tailored to your needs in terms of innovation, function, appearance or sustainability.


Stand out with something special! We can master the development and implementation processes for even the most unusual shapes and turn your individual packaging into an eye-catcher at the POS. Discover our innovative strength. We would be delighted to prepare a quote for you.


Grass-green packaging with lots of edges for apples

Boost sales with convenience! Individual folding boxes that are easy to open are a strong selling point. Find out about the multitude of innovative solutions for tamper-proof protection, easy dosing and reclosing product packaging.


Yellow folding box with pouring opening as a close-up

Shine with something special! With our finishes, we appeal to all the senses and create high-quality individual packaging that is sure to attract your customers’ attention and enthusiasm. Contact us!


Gold foil embossing of sheets with a 3D look

Production processes must be highly efficient. The lean philosophy determines our processes. E-business solutions, web centres or SMI optimise our everyday business. This also forms the framework for your success.


Workshop with packaging machines

We attach a great deal of importance to shouldering responsibility for the environment and society. We focus on sustainability and safety – with product and brand protection, food safety, FSC® and CO2-certified solutions and carbon neutral operations at our Biberach site.


Flat roof with solar panels

Being pioneers of printed electronics on packaging, we offer access to a wealth of innovative multi-sensory technologies. We are your expert partner when packaging is to be turned into an interactive marketing tool.


White gold pull-out packaging for cosmetic serum
Individuality needs experts like Karl Knauer.
Karl Knauer is your professional partner for developing and manufacturing individual product packaging.

The elements of custom packaging

Packaging forms part of the product just as much as the contents. It has a huge impact on the brand and image and completes key customer contact tasks, such as selection, information, protection, transport, storage, reuse and much more besides. Packaging has an enormous reach and generates billions of touch points in retail. It sends your message to anyone standing in front of a shelf. A study shows that a printed folding box generates billions of valuable contacts with consumers. It is an advertising medium that has a huge impact on target groups and, as a communication medium, offers outstanding sales results.


The material

The material you decide to use for custom packaging forms the foundation for the haptic and visual effect of product packaging. There is a multitude of different types of cardboard for this very purpose. The range extends from bright white virgin fibre board and recycled board, to eco-friendly grass cardboard or cardboard from agricultural waste. The material portfolio also includes solid or corrugated cardboard.

Natural-looking folding boxes for underwear
Form follows function

Your folding box’s packaging shape must match the product. From shape and size, fitting with an inlay and use of a window, to presentation, protective function and transport requirements – packaging experts will advise you on what type of packaging is right for your product. Contact us!

Sliding box filled with miniature bottles

The packaging must match your company’s brand and corporate design – this is an absolute must-have for marketing managers. Individual cardboard folding boxes can meet this requirement particularly well, as they can be printed all over as standard. There are no limits to design diversity.

A range of folding boxes for food

Individual finishes give the packaging a special touch. But which finish suits your product? Professional design of the packaging design takes many factors into account, such as the target group, price category, competition and budget. Contact us for advice. It will be well worth your while!

Sliding box for socks


What requirements must custom packaging meet?

You can impress customers with custom product packaging elements (creative design, persuasive material and eye-catching presentation). The more the packaging appeals to the senses, the more attractive the packaging and the greater the interest sparked in the target groups. By taking the following four success factors into account when developing custom packaging, you can gain a competitive edge on the market.


  • Corporate design: Your corporate design, your packaging, your business card: Product packaging presents your brand. If the packaging design reflects the corporate design, consumer recognition increases, decisions are made sooner and customer loyalty is strengthened.
  • Design: The packaging design primarily follows the individual brand image and fits the product. What is more, it can pick up on design trends that are well received by the buying public. Clean, minimalist, printed packaging is currently on trend. Finishes such as embossing, varnishing, glossy foils or even electronics are sensational ways to reach consumers at the touch point in a particularly emotional way.
  • Convenience: Individually thought-out designs are comfortable to handle and generate positive consumer feedback. Precisely adapted to the target group and the product, convenience solutions facilitate handling through the likes of a particularly simple dosage form for elderly consumers or an integrated pouring opening for grit. The range of possibilities is enormous. Packaging experts will work with you to develop individual solutions to overcome your challenge.
  • Legal requirements: Information that is required by law must be printed on packaging. Examples of such information are details of ingredients, nutritional information, expiry date, country of origin and quantity information, or hazardous goods labels.
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