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Printed folding boxes are the ultimate product packaging. They are made of cardboard and corrugated board and are sustainable and durable. The folding boxes can be individually customised for your product in terms of shape, size, design and printing. They are product protection and marketing tools in one. They provide information and promote sales at the POS and can be used for transport and storage after purchase. We make your folding boxes the ideal way of presenting your products, representing your brand in embassadorial manner. 


  • Individual implementation: in shape, size, material and desig
  • Wide selection of materials: from fresh fibre to recycled and grass cardboard
  • Sustainable: cardboard is a renewable and recyclable raw material
  • Various finishing options: from embossing to light effects
  • Value: increasing the value and quality of your product
  • Marketing tool: communication channel and encouraging the decision to buy
The basics

We have the perfect material for your folding boxes

Cardboard with inlay for razors and razor blades
Micro and fine wave

Light but stable: folding boxes and other packaging made of micro and fine wave impress with their light weight yet high strength and stability. We offer laminated micro and fine wave packaging among our core competences. These are particularly suitable when it comes to product weight as well as size and transport. Our experts will advise you on the perfect material for your requirements.

Blue cereal box in different sizes
Cardboard and solid board

Attractive in every way: we offer a wide range of cardboard and solid board in a large variety of grammages and compositions for your folding boxes, e.g. regarding the recycled content. Cardboard is among the most environmentally friendly packaging materials and provides a number of additional advantages such as perfect printability, strength as well as excellent storage and transport properties.

The shape

Which folding box is best?

Folding boxes

The versatile all-round classic: can be printed individually on all sides, in various sizes, materials, designs on request with a viewing window, inlay, and various sealing options. Can always be completely customised for your product.

Folding box model by Karl Knauer
Flap boxes

For the unboxing experience: particularly suitable for high-quality products. These are presented in their entirety after opening. Unboxing becomes an experience. Flap boxes are stable, resealable and can also be fitted with inlays.

Flap box model by Karl Knauer
Slip-lid boxes

Stable two-piece: with inlay, lid and bottom part. Suitable for high-quality and fragile, elegant product presentation and unboxing as an experience. The sliding lid of the box underlines the value of the contents. A classic e.g. in the cosmetics sector.

Slip-lid box model by Karl Knauer
Cushion boxes

The refined option: the convex form makes it look elegant. The sturdy seal is created only by the tension. Easy to open and close on two sides. This transforms simple folding cartons into eye-catchers - ideal for gifts as well.

Cushion box model by Karl Knauer
Folded-edge boxes

Adhesive-free: made from a cardboard blank, the box does not require any glue. Stability is created by the unique way of folding the box. Suitable for a wide variety of products, with and without inlay.

Folded-edge box model by Karl Knauer
Slide boxes

Attractive two-piece: comprising a sleeve or cardboard band, which can be moved, and a core that holds the product securely. Ideal for an appealing product presentation, even of product sets. Slide, reveal, wow! Unpacking becomes an experience.

Slide box model by Karl Knauer
Pouch boxes

For litter products: the folding box, which is pointed at the top like a bag, is often used for litter products of any kind and for food, whereby these are additionally bagged for hygienic reasons. Resealable with a flap.

Pouch box model by Karl Knauer
Cardboard banderoles

The smart added value: as the simplest form of packaging, printed cardboard banderoles are recommended for additional information, as eye-catchers at the POS and brand ambassadors; especially for product lines that are intended to convey both unity and difference.

Cardboard banderole model by Karl Knauer
Folding boxes with euro-hole suspension

Always at hand: a classic packaging solution for chemists and DIY store items for hanging on the shelf. Our customised design is particularly convenient. It can be used for hanging as well as for standing without a visible euro-hole.

Folding boxes with euro-hole suspension sample by Karl Knauer
Product packaging with inlay

For safe storage: classic sliding or folding boxes with inlays to complement the product presentation. These offer secure, high-quality and individually adapted storage. Ideal for gift sets and special promotions.

Product packaging with inlay model by Karl Knauer
Whatever you want to package in the best possible way - we are always available for advice about your folding box.

Your expert for folding cartons with inner lining

Folding boxes with inner linings and barrier pouches protect the quality of the contents, in particular products in powder or granule form, against moisture, aroma loss, light and oxygen. These are ideal for automatic and highly efficient packaging.


Folding boxes in various sizes with package insert
Various folding boxes for biscuits with a viewing window

Your expert for folding boxes with a viewing window

Folding boxes with a viewing window provide an insight into the contents and help customers to make an informed buying decision and increase the product experience. Viewing windows can be perfectly integrated into the packaging without any loss of stability or protection. We offer open solutions or solutions with protective film.



The variety of our folding boxes

Whether standard or custom-made: we offer unusual shapes, sizes and material combinations. We can offer the perfect folding box for your product as well as high quality and extensive experience of machine compatibility.

We develop and produce your folding box either standard or custom-made.

The best sealing for your product

In order to package a product safely, the folding boxes must be sealed. The type of sealing depends on the product, the type of box, the packaging machine and whether the box is to be reopened or secured against children. Dust flaps prevent a box from being opened inadvertently.


Tuck-in tab model by Karl Knauer

Tuck-in tabs
The classic sealing system: easy to use, very user-friendly, resealable. Ideal for lightweight to medium-weight products. Can be combined e.g. with base feet or blocking slits.


Tuck-in base model by Karl Knauer

Tuck-in base
The alternative: ideal for medium-heavy to heavy products, as the flaps interlock; resealable. A tuck-in base is cheaper than an automatic base, but more stable than tuck-in tabs


Automatic base model by Karl Knauer

Automatic bases
The smart specialised structure: allows easy and quick set-up without interlocking, with a single movement. The automatic base provides high stability for heavy products and is particularly suitable for manual filling.


Added value

Folding boxes by Karl Knauer: your benefits

Brand lead
As a packaging specialist, we help to make your product shine at the POS, set your product apart from the competition and promote sales.
We have produced folding boxes for over 80 years for almost all industries and products and we have won numerous awards.
Efficiency and cost-optimisation
Our comprehensive service provides solutions from packaging to packaging management, product and brand protection and much more.

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