Impressive alternative packaging:
our speciality

When packaging needs that ‘wow’ touch: we can develop and manufacture impressively different packaging solutions – specialities that perfectly put the spotlight on your product and exceed your expectations. We love the unique. Whether it is special materials, unique refinements, unusual shapes or amazing additional benefits. Whatever your challenge – you can rely on us.

Speciality I

Environmentally friendly and individually customisable: Cardboard measuring cup

Cardboard measuring cup with individual design

Our patented cardboard measuring cups are a highly intelligent packaging solution with real additional benefits.
As an alternative to the more common plastic measuring cups, they are highly suited to measuring out powders and granules. They are highly stable to use, available in individual sizes and designs, and can be used as an addition to folding boxes or attached to a canister


  • Saves space and costs in transport and storage as they lie flat 
  • Individual in size and printing (scaling and further information)
  • With plastic coating on request to protect against moisture 
Speciality II

Popular speciality for the pre-Christmas season: Advent calendar

Sustainable Advent calendar with individual design and shape

We offer unusual Advent calendars with high quality workmanship. You have the choice between a totally individual or our standard Advent calendar book and puzzle with chocolate filling. The individual calendars (available from approx. 5000 units) can be made entirely in accordance with your requirements. Our contract packaging takes on the cost-effective packaging and filling with the desired products.


  • Sustainable: Our standard products are made entirely from cardboard  
  • Attention-grabbing gift with long-term advertising effect 
  • By your side: plenty of experience with small and major projects
Speciality III

“HiLight” of our specialities: Illuminated packaging

Illuminated writing on cosmetics packaging

Maximum attention at the POS: with techniques such as electroluminescence, smart-LED or OLED, light is integrated in a creative, functional way into the packaging, making it glow. This can also be carried out for other cardboard and paper products, such as advertising media, displays, wobblers and so on. Our innovative light solutions have enjoyed spectacular marketing success and won several international prizes.


  • A revolution in product marketing, attention guaranteed 
  • The light effect can also be activated contact-free 
  • Almost unlimited fields of application for cardboard and paper products
Which of our specialities should it be? Contact us now! We look forward to working on your challenge and are happy to advise you.
Added value

Why is Karl Knauer your manufacturer for special packaging?

We are experts in the unique
Our claim is our obligation: impressively different - and that holds true from development all the way to packaging solutions.
We have received over 90 national and international awards for unusual applications. Reap the rewards of our power of innovation!
Product development in house
Lots of experience, specialist knowledge and creativity for your packaging design from our product development department.

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