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Karl Knauer develops demo kit for the sales of "ifm moneo”

Boost sales with a demo kit. Direct the sales process with a customised packaging set. Protect complex contents with a sophisticated packaging design while presenting the most advanced technology: With the shortest development and production time of just under six months, the packaging experts at Karl Knauer, along with the project managers from the ifm group of companies, launched the advanced "ifm moneo" starter kit onto the market.

How industry packaging promotes software turnover

“How does the measuring technology work? How does the connection between software and sensors function? How do the technical checks work?” With the innovative presentation package, the ifm sales team advertises highly complex products and digital functions much more quickly, more clearly and demonstrably more effectively. The “ifm moneo|starterkit” is a complex kit packaging containing a total of 13 packaging components, including outer packaging suitable for shipping. It features several cleverly designed inlays along with foam elements, Velcro fastener and carrying handle. The experts in packaging development and production at Karl Knauer KG (Biberach) are responsible for the design and production of the electronics packaging, in close cooperation with the ifm packaging team.

The packaging features a precisely-designed presentation inlay for the valuable sensors. The advanced design of the kit means all electronic parts can be presented in an orderly, visually and didactically high-quality way, while the especially valuable elements worth several thousand Euros are optimally fixed and protected. In addition to that, the packaging kit boasts easy handling both for ifm, where the kits are assembled, and for the ifm field staff who can clearly demonstrate the technology to their customers using the kit.

Packaging kit, shipping included

The mailing of the sales package formed a major challenge, not least because of its heavy weight - the heaviest product, the control unit, the appliance

alone weighs three kilos. A cardboard would not be sufficient for such a weight and for postal shipping. The solution was the foam inlay, which provides the necessary protection for the heavy contents. The shipping bag included completes the package, supports customer service and provides additional information space.

Speed as a recipe for success

As quickly as possible from the concept to production – that is the demand placed on more and more companies. Today, product launches must be implemented quickly in order to gain a competitive advantage. “With the packaging experts from Karl Knauer, we were able to implement a very complex product, from development to market-ready production, extremely quickly. We required just under six months from the concept to the finished solution," said Christoph Schneider from ifm, praising the positive cooperation. “The many years of experience held by our specialised development team and our outstanding technical equipment have allowed us to solve complex packaging tasks unusually quickly and in an advanced manner”, said Jürgen Knapps, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, explaining the successful project. “The expertise from other sectors allows highly effective synergy impacts for our customers, especially in the IT and electronics industry”, continued Knapps.

Electronics industry with considerable packaging potential

“The electronics industry is a very exciting field of business for us, in which we will be far more active in the future. Marketing departments and packaging buyers are increasingly recognising the potential of packaging in terms of brand impact, multifunctionality and effectiveness”, explained Jürgen Knapps.

With the "ifm moneo" software and service package, manufacturing companies can significantly increase their efficiency. This is used to read and evaluate data from their sensors, which are connected to data processing systems and company software using interfaces. The standardised and practical toolkit is a valuable tool for Industry 4.0 to make business processes usable on a digital level.

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