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Whatever you want to pack in blisters - a blister card is an essential component for most blister packaging. The connection between the cover and card is decisive for the quality of the packaging. As a manufacturer of blister cards with many years of experience and specific process expertise, we know exactly what is required: Our high-quality means that the interplay of blister cards, blister cover, sealing wax and process works perfectly.


  • Free view of the product at the POS with perfect protection 
  • High stability thanks to carton, secure seal and blister cover 
  • Good value for money thanks to efficient, affordable production 
  • Sales-promoting presentation at the POS through euro-hole suspension 
  • Blister card sealing option with a range of covers 
  • Plenty of space for information thanks to double-sided printing of the blister card
Reference GSK Consumer Healthcare

Sustainable carton blister packaging

The pivoting head of the Dr.BEST toothbrushes that are well known from advertising will now appear behind an innovative patched window made of sustainable cellulose fibres – no longer densely packaged in a plastic cover, as is common in this segment. The packaging is completely free of plastic and consists of sustainable and recycled materials. The blister card and blister cover are even made from FSC®-certified carton (FSC®-Mix, FSC® C005891). It is one of the first mainstream toothbrush packaging that can be completely disposed of in the paper waste and recycled without having to take the effort to separate it into individual parts beforehand.


What types of blister card are available?

Classic blister cards for cosmetics, DIY, stationery, etc. These are rectangular or die-cut and are sealed with a plastic cover (PET-A or PET-G films) directly onto the front of the box, coated with a special sealing lacquer.

Peel blister cards: Particularly consumer-friendly, as the cover and card can be separated without leaving any residue. Our panel solutions boast easy opening with safe product protection and environmentally-friendly disposal. 

Barrier blister cards: Ideal packaging for products requiring high aroma, fat, oxygen or water vapour density. A barrier between the product and blister card ensures secure protection of sensitive products. 

Carton blister: Blister cards and blister covers are made of cardboard - plastic is avoided. A window cut-out provides a view of the product. We offer an innovative, plastic-free, sustainable foil made from renewable fibre for added product protection. 


Look how attractive our blister cards are

As a specialist manufacturer, we develop and produce suitable blister cards at two locations in Europe, in Germany and in Poland. We can package on site if required. 

We offer a wide range of blister cards: Standard blister cards, sliding blister, folding blister, blister cards with transparent window, blister packs completely made of cardboard, refined blister cards.

Which blister packaging is perfect for your product? We are happy to advise at any time.
Added value

Why is Karl Knauer your blister card manufacturer?

Guaranteed mixing-free production through machine control of each individual card, checking of the sealing parameters during each production
Optimisation of the sealing process via high technical quality leads to faster cycles, energy savings through lower sealing temperatures
Co-packing and shelf-ready packaging of your pre-packed blister packs on request, technical process support if required
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