A dazzling presentation for cardboard: Printed packaging and promotional products

When packaging really needs to impress: We are your printing partner for all finishes of product packaging made from cardboard. For folding boxes, promotional products or gift packaging, for food, beverages, bodycare and cosmetic products or all kinds of high-quality consumer goods – with packaging solutions with high-grade finishes, we provide a wow effect at the POS and give your brand image a boost.



Our high-quality printed cardboard packaging

  •  Make your product stand out
  •  Present your product in a unique way
  •  Generate attention and interest at the POS
  •  Help with orientation and decision-making
  •  Emphasise the quality of your product
  • Signal the value of your brand
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Boost long-term brand loyalty
  • Can be implemented in large quantities

Pure fascination

Impressive finishes from our partner Gräfe Druckveredelung

Beeindruckende Veredelungen von unserem Partner Gräfe Druckveredelung

Finishes for printed folding boxes and promotional products

We have the printing and production techniques for experiences that make a long-lasting impression. For folding boxes, product packaging or promotional products. Choose from varnishes, various types of embossing, sophisticated punching techniques, lamination or applications.


An experience to see and feel: With blind embossing, logos and lettering can be pressed into the material without the use of films or inks.

Relief embossing enables lines, lettering and ornaments to be depicted in three dimensions. Can be implemented as blind or hot foil embossing.

Blind and relief embossing on cardboard packaging

Stunning effects

Here, a foil is laminated onto a carrier material. The wide range of foils means that the end results can be varied and unique:
Gloss film, matt film, holographic film and so much more.

Packaging for socks with foil lamination

Make eyes light up

The high-quality coating with gloss films, e.g. in metallic colours, gives (gift) packaging a special shine, represents quality and attracts extra attention.

Hot foil embossing of a coat of arms on black cardboard

Simply beautiful, always fine

Product packaging does not always need to shine to draw everyone’s attention. Matt effects make for a sophisticated understatement. Our varnishes can do both. The choice is yours!

Matt/gloss effects

Intensive product experience

3D varnishes for a surprising feel. The varnishes are similar to relief embossing. Any structure can be used in principle, even microstructures and matt/gloss effects. In combination with a soft-touch varnish, the result is a particularly exclusive look.

3D effect with varnishes

A staggering effect

Packaging turns into a visual adventure.  Magical effects surprise, confuse, impress and are sure to draw extra attention and make for an unforgettable presentation.

Numbers/letters with 3D effect

Seductively sensuous

With scented varnish, defined scents are worked into the printed material. The scents are released when the material is rubbed, creating a direct sensual experience. All kinds of scents are available.

Scented varnish for pine scent is released when rubbed

Details that tantalise

With the use of laser punching, very delicate patterns can be worked into cardboard. Subtle glimpses of the inside of the folding box spark interest, increasing anticipation and creating an unforgettable allure.

Laser punching leaves on cardboard

Brightening up the POS

The innovative technology makes it possible to integrate light into cardboard products in an aesthetic and functional way. Displays, folding boxes, promotional products are transformed into unique eye-catchers with an actively illuminated surface. A great spectacle for great products.

Illuminated packaging for gin

One look and you’re captivated

Offset printing is the first choice for razor-sharp and extraordinarily clean prints.
Whether it’s logos or image designs – the state-of-the-art flat printing shines on all packaging types, on folding boxes and on special shapes.

An apple as an example of offset printing

Of interest for promotional product

Line screen printing can be used to realise designs with distinct areas of colour with particular precision; grid screen printing achieves a fine printed image even for challenging designs. In screen printing, the cut edges are printed.

Screen printing for notes with a precise look

Let’s shine together

Karl Knauer is your partner for print finishes in the following lines of business:


EcoSmart packaging

Our certifications for your safety

Our environmental standards are just as high as our standards for quality. For this reason, we have wide-ranging certification in all areas related to packaging production and the environment. This ranges from FSC®, PEFC and energy and environment management systems to hygiene and BRC quality management certificates.

The BRC Global Standard specifies quality and safety standards for packaging and packaging materials to ensure they are entirely safe for the intended use and the packaged goods. The Biberach site is fully carbon-neutral. Our site in Pniewy is certified to ISO 22000.

EcoSmart packaging is Karl Knauer’s guiding principle
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