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For the well-being of our customers: our glass bottles, PET bottles or cans in a range of container sizes - we offer the perfect cardboard packaging for the beverage market and serve a wide range of requirements: perfect machine compatibility in packaging is required in the beer and water mass markets for highly efficient packing. For high-quality spirits, for example, we shine with individual packaging including finishing.


  • Permanently high quality, reliable just-in-time delivery 
  • Global network of non-system packaging machine manufacturers 
  • Competent processing of all cardboard qualities 
  • Innovation leader and development partner for new packaging 
  • Around 30 years of experience and expertise in the beverage sector 
  • Supplier for both major beverage companies and small-scale manufacturers 
Container carriers

Attractive and sustainable: packaging for soft drinks and mineral waters

The soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral waters sector is also increasingly focusing on sustainable packaging. In addition, bottle containers must be easy to handle and safe during transport. And they must attract attention at the POS. We offer simple, sustainable and individual solutions.

LitePac Top PET

Our revolutionary bottle packaging: a cardboard clip below the bottleneck keeps the container in place, while an additional cardboard hoop provides safety and comfort during transport. The packaging is made from 100% renewable raw materials.

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Beer bottle carriers and packaging

Suitable for product variety: cardboard packaging for beer bottles

Bottle carriers/baskets

Cardboard bottle carriers are highly popular. There are almost no limits in terms of finish and design - we offer open or closed versions, a range of handle heights or continuous side panels that provide a large, individually usable advertising space.

Printed bottle basket for 6 beer bottles
Fully closed packaging for bottles

If maximum advertising space and excellent presentation of your products is required, we recommend fully closed packaging. These can also be stacked on trays, corrugated cardboard boxes or directly on pallets for safe transport.

Printed outer packaging for 12 beer bottles
Bottle wraps

Wraps are a classic when it comes to bottle packaging. Glued or plugged in at the bottom, they allow fast production and safe transport thanks to convenient grip holes. We offer wraps for up to ten bottles for both one-off and reusable packaging.

Printed cardboard wrap for 6 beer bottles
Bottle clips

A highly reduced type of bottle packaging: we provide cardboard bottle clips in various configurations - with and without handles, for standard bottles or special designs, for PET bottles and for glass bottles with swing tops.

Printed cardboard bottle clip for 6 beer bottles
Partitions/special designs

New solutions are often available on request. We offer handles for bottle packaging made completely from cardboard, or partitions. Partitions made from grey or corrugated cardboard separate and protect the individual bottles e.g. in fully closed packaging.

Cardboard partitions for 6 beer bottles

Innovative beer packaging wins the German Design Award

Can carrier

A colourful range: packaging for cans

Fully closed packaging for cans

They provide plenty of space for advertising and brand design and are very easy to stack. We offer single or double layer packaging, with and without handles. The double layer type is suitable as a comfortable “can dispenser” for storing in the fridge.

Printed, closed outer packaging for 24 beer cans
Can wraps

Similar to bottle wraps, can wraps allow highly rational production and very good handling. Our cardboard wraps can be configured for up to ten cans. Logistical advantage: can wraps are suitable for transporting to the POS on trays and in boxes.

Printed cardboard can wrap for 9 cans
LitePac Top can clips

Innovative, sustainable packaging for cans: cardboard below the can seam keeps the pack in shape, is easy to open and easy to grip. Our clips are made completely from renewable raw materials and are energy efficient in production.

Bonus for your marketing: the cans can be specifically aligned using machine technology in order to place the brand logo prominently on the sales shelf or to form a continuous design from several can designs.

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Close-up cardboard can clip
Spirits packaging

First-class bottle cartons for high-percentage proof beverages

For years we have been creating a sensation with unique packaging developments for spirits - thanks to special features in shape, construction, material and finishing.

We offer complete custom-made products and individualised gift packaging that put the spotlight on your top quality alcoholic products and on your brand. Our bottle cartons are often highly refined, e.g. with embossing, 3D effects and even lighting effects.

Wine packaging

Upgrade your bottles: wine gift packaging

Fine packaging for wonderful tipples: we offer a comprehensive standard range of gift packaging for wine and sparkling wine bottles. Classic and stylish product, fast delivery.

Our offer ranges from gift boxes and present baskets, carrying bags and cartons, up to folding boxes. We also offer individual embossing or complete custom-made products for numerous bottles and container sizes, in a range of cardboard materials, such as corrugated board and flute in a range of looks.


Exclusive beverage presentation

We can also do differently: Impressive packaging for Marvel Studios, Black Panther Movie and PepsiCo

Whether it is boxes, carrying bags, standard or a completely new solution - we have your beverage packaging for bottles and cans. Contact us!
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