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More presence, more attention, more turnover: POS displays are multitalented. Whether it is for a sales promotion, product launch or secondary placements - the aim and intended use of a display determine the concept. The place of use at the POS is also decisive, as is the supply of e.g. flyers, testers, free samples, multiple types etc. In addition, displays should be inexpensive to send and immediately ready for use at the POS.


Real sales talents

Cardboard POS displays

Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, effective: our POS displays are made entirely of cardboard, without any plastic parts, making them affordable. Our flexible production and processing means we can also produce smaller quantities. Our displays score points when it comes to the POS. As counter displays, they stand out and arouse interest. As secondary placements, displays for the wider stage at the POS, on which rehearsals, flyers and other product supports will find space and attention. Your benefit: improved advertisement impact and increased sales.


Your benefits

Sustainable due to our exclusive use of cardboard

Affordable and fast production

Low transport costs

Quick assembly and disassembly at the POS

Easy disposal in used paper

Display type I

The biggest: Floor and bottle displays

These are ideal for placement at the POS, directly on the floor or on a palette. Our standard displays for bottles or all other stackable or self-supporting products are easy to customise, e.g. with toppers. For non-self supporting products, we recommend our spacers. We can also create totally customised displays for the POS on request.


  • More attention at the POS: Whenever your product needs to attract attention 
  • Fast delivery: Standard displays from the warehouse, customisable from 500 pieces 
  • Simple set-up: Quick and easy to set up by staff at the POS 
  • Transport ready: Can also be transported when filled, with a cap and base filling 
  • Plenty of space: For your product, product type and series along with info material
  • Sustainable: Cardboard displays are environmentally friendly
Interesting facts

Layout, production and finishing of floor/bottle displays

Layout: A display consists of a display cover, inner topper and drawers/trays. Outer parts are individually printed, inner parts are usually black or white. Also available with two or three product levels. They are easier and more affordable to transport due to a lower overall weight and being shipped flat.

Concept: Following analysis of the situation at the POS, development of an optimal display for use, stability test, product protection and setup takes place.

Finishing: Possible in our entire range of print finishes.

Whether it is a standard floor or bottle display, or customised – we are happy to advise you at any time. Contact us!
Display type II

The universal: Counter displays

These are ideal for counters in the mass market, e.g. petrol stations, and for pharmacies. We offer simple counter displays for the mass market with inlay and top sign for placement on shelves or in the checkout area. Our more complex display designs for pharmacies do not allow direct removal by the customer, making it possible to provide free additions or additional product information.


  • Strategic placement: More attention to the product and impulse buying 
  • Sales booster: More POS presence for the product and more space for info 
  • Consultation enhancer: The physical proximity allows sales staff to point out the product 
  • Space-saving: Limited space required, easy to reposition 
  • Mixed display: Simple and attractive presentation of a range of types
Interesting facts

Layout, production and finishing of counter displays

Layout: Mass market: simple construction made from inlay and top label; pharmacy: multi-part construction consisting of base body, inlays, top label, shipping protection.

Concept: Following analysis of the POS situation, development of an optimal display for use, stability test, product protection and setup takes place. Prefabrication and assembly of the counter display on request.

Finishing: Our entire range of print finishes is possible.

Whether it is a simple or a complex counter display – we are happy to advise at any time. Contact us!
Display type III

The compact POS displays: Trays

Trays, also known as SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging), combine the advantages of POS displays as a sales booster for the product and brand with the cost and handling advantages of a shelf-ready solution. They are easy to open and can be positioned at any time, they are stable and transportable. In short: trays are ideally suited to product presentation, both in the counter/cash register area and on the supermarket shelf. 

  • Simple handling: Tray incl. goods can be placed on the shelf with a single movement 
  • Cost benefits: Favourable in production, logistics, storage and handling 
  • Safe transport: Product protection thanks to outer packaging and presentation in one 
  • Sales booster: More presence at the POS and improved recognisability of your products 
  • Increased market visibility: Thanks to added space and design options 
  • Simple disposal: Thanks to small size and 100% cardboard (recycled)
Interesting facts

Layout, production and finishing of trays

  • Layout: Depending on content, trays consist of solid board or laminated corrugated board. They can be set up with a simple bottom part and hooded cover or as packaging with automatic bottom and tear-off perforation.
  • Concept: Following analysis of the POS situation, development of an optimal display for use, stability test, product protection and setup follows.
  • Finishing: Possible in our entire range of print finishes
Does your display need to be compact, affordable and easy to set up? We are happy to advise at any time. Contact us!
Added value

Why Karl Knauer is the perfect partner when it comes to producing displays and trays

Packaging and display in one
We also offer suitable packaging along with POS displays. These come with benefits in terms of cost, processing, design and a point of contact.
Contract packaging included
Co-packing is an important piece of added value of POS displays. We focus on the displays and assemble them.
Expertise in product presentation
As an innovation leader in packaging and a specialist in eye-catching presentations, we offer innovative finishes for added product experience.
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