Even the packaging has a new twist

Sustainable screwdriver packaging for Wiha

World debut for Wiha’s first electric screwdriver

For more than 75 years, the name Wiha has stood for premium tools that make work more efficient, fast and convenient. For this reason, the innovative family company has professional tradespeople as customers the world over. To mark the launch of “speedE®”, the world debut of the electric screwdriver that can make automatic screwing and unscrewing, control of the tightening force and manual fixing of the screw take much less time than before, something special was created: a packaging that cleverly presents the uniqueness and top quality of the innovation as a marketing tool and, like the screwdriver itself, comes from the Black Forest.

While conventional tools are normally packaged in plastic boxes, the professionals at Wiha wanted to set an example for sustainability even with the packaging material used. In collaboration with packaging specialist Karl Knauer from Biberach, a high quality packaging for the speedE® was created that reflects the exclusivity of the screwdriver and also safely stores its diverse accessories. “When you open up the packaging, which resembles a treasure chest, the inlay that securely holds the screwdriver is lifted up,” says Oliver Wedinger, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer, describing one of the special features of the packaging. “This triggers a ‘wow effect’ when the package is opened and makes the customer want to test the new tool right away.”

Under the lifted inlay, made from several layers of corrugated cardboard laminated together, the buyer finds the screwdriver set’s extensive range of accessories. Like the screwdriver itself, the set is fixed by the packaging’s smart design and can be securely transported.

The exclusivity of the Wiha world debut can be clearly seen and felt even before its unboxing, however, it is also conveyed by the outer shell of the premium packaging: the packaging design, the unusual choice of material given the particular sector, the finishing with a combination of soft-touch and UV varnish, the embossed relief logo and a hologram confirming that the speedE® is an original, all attract attention at the POS and invite customers to take a closer look at the product.

“Karl Knauer has impressively managed to make our ideas a reality. As an element that can evoke emotions, the packaging plays a major role in the marketing of our ‘speedE’. We are sure that – even on closer inspection – it makes the customer more likely to make a purchase and gives the buyer the feeling of having bought a high-quality, innovative and unusual manual tool,” explains Sven Wilde, Team Leader for Sales Concepts at Wiha. “And this positive feeling among customers will continue to benefit the Wiha brand over the long term.”

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