What does a folding box manufacturer actually do?

Folding boxes come in an infinite range of varieties. Folding box experts research, develop and produce cardboard packaging that is manufactured in an enormous range of shapes and sizes. First, there is the pizza box, then there is packaging for electronic products, beverages and luxury perfume. There are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to producing folding boxes. The classic folding box offers a wide range of options for packaging almost all products for all industries.


Modern folding box manufacturers add a wide range of additional services to their ranges and resources. For example, all processes related to the folding box workflow such as industry analysis, material advice, construction development, finishing, sustainability up to the downstream processes of contract packaging, logistics and packaging machine construction. The more complicated and complex the challenge, the more valuable it is for companies to have an experienced, creative and convincing folding box manufacturer as a partner.

How Karl Knauer, folding box manufacturer, gives you the decisive edge

The best products deserve the best packaging. After all, attractive packaging also has an influence on the product purchase decision. It makes all the difference on the store shelf.

As folding box experts, we give you a competitive edge: with high-quality packaging that impresses your customers and gives your product a head start on the market. In addition to a wide range of materials, Karl Knauer offers manufacturers almost every type of box in a huge variety, always perfectly suited to the product to be packaged.

A folding box manufacturer’s service paradise 

Our services for companies include more than just printing and finishing premium-quality folding boxes. If you want to optimise efficiency and costs, you will get a lot more from Karl Knauer. Make the most of our broad service portfolio – our offers range from contract packaging (co-packing), packaging management and shelf maintenance, to secure product and brand protection solutions.

classic vs. complex

What might your folding box look like?

Muster einer Faltschachtel von Karl Knauer
[Translate to Englisch:] Klassische Faltschachteln
Classic folding boxes

The ‘simple folding box’ is the classic among the folding boxes. As the name suggests, the design is kept simple. The folding box consists of a ‘blank cut’ that is glued together and then folded. It is quite literally a folding box. When the box is filled with the product, it moves back into an upright position, usually by machine.

Classic folding boxes can be substantially upgraded and refined on customer request. Initially, this is always carried out using custom printing. Finishes and viewing windows are additional ways you can set your product even further apart from the competition. Size and material are individually selectable factors too. And, last but not least, you can choose from different types of closure.

Faltschachteln für Kosmetikprodukte in verschiedenen Größen
Hochwertig veredelte Kosmetik-Schiebeschachteln und -Faltschachteln
Complex box designs are often more successful

Not all boxes are the same. There are many ways of choosing a more elaborate, more eye-catching and, therefore, more successful packaging shape for your product instead of the classic folding box. Whether you opt for a cardboard box with a hinged lid, or a telescopic, sliding or padded box, or even any other variation – it is important to find the perfect type of box and fit for your product.

The target group, the POS and positioning compared to the competition all play an important role too. Our customers are naturally also free to choose the print, finish  and material that suits them. And what if nothing in the existing range suits your needs? Then the folding box experts at Karl Knauer will develop the perfect-fit case to meet your individual requirements! With a light function too, if needed. Karl Knauer is a leader in developing and producing illuminated packaging.


Our passion

We promote and develop your brand

Presenting products attractively, designing packaging sustainably and manufacturing it intelligently: As one of Germany’s major specialised packaging manufacturers, we do everything in our power to ensure that your product shines on the shelf with the perfect packaging. The perfect folding box enables you to clearly stand out from the competition and makes your sales operations more successful. Your competitive edge on the shelf.

Folding boxes are our passion: The experts at Karl Knauer have been developing, producing and finishing folding boxes for almost all industries and products, for small and large companies alike, for more than 80 years. Our range includes all common packaging technologies and a huge range of services to suit all packaging process requirements. Working in dialogue with our national and international customers, our specialists develop designs that meet all packaging requirements. We are considered to be industry innovators and trendsetters. Our folding box designs have received a multitude of national and international awards.

The right packaging solution for your requirements:
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