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Flexibility for you, co-packing from us: We can perform all contract packaging services from preparing goods for dispatch to order picking. Whether you want packaging, secondary packaging or enclosing of goods as the manufacturer or on behalf of another company under your brand name or as a trade name – with our many years of experience in food and non-food, we have the perfect packaging solution for you.




Your partner for co-packing

  • Everything from one provider:   Efficient and reliable
  • Transparency:  Thanks to incoming goods inspections, quality checks
  • Quality assurance: Removal of defective products, no mix-ups
  • Security: Product-specific storage, anti-theft protection
  • Project management:  From the enquiry to delivery
  • Experience in large-scale projects:  millions of individual parts put together
Contract packaging of small bottles with Karl Knauer
What is contract packaging/co-packing?
Contract packaging or co-packing refers to the packaging and finalising of products being performed by an external service provider. The service includes sleeve application, order picking, labelling, assembly and secondary packaging of goods. With our professional packaging solutions, you increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Our services

Interface connection icon
Customer-specific interface connection

Stay up to date: Various versions are possible. For example as stock management including use-by date or stock posting for incoming goods. We provide feedback regarding results of random sample counts on delivery, quantity discrepancies and amounts of rejects.

Incoming goods inspections, quality checks icon
Incoming goods inspections, quality checks

Overview from the outset:  A defined process. When products are delivered, we carry out quantity and random sample checks.Defined secondary packaging is opened and the content is checked for quality and correct amounts.The total delivered quantity can thus be calculated.

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Dispatch preparation

The entire packaging programme: automatic or manual. This includes secondary packaging, recombining, cleaning, correcting, shrink-wrapping, labelling, marking and bundling of products. Furthermore, the assembling and combining of multi-pack packaging, e.g. bases and lids.

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Integrated packaging development

Visions become packaging: Individual packaging solutions for your requirements and wishes. The foundation for this comes from our in-house departments product development and innovation.  We incorporate trends such as sustainability with use of resources, sustainable raw materials, alternatives to plastic etc.

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Packaging production

Benefit from our professional lead: From one of Germany’s leading packaging manufacturers. With over 80 years of expertise, we produce  packaging and folding boxes made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paper for nearly all sectors. Packaging solutions from standards to custom-made designs.

Dispatch management icon
Dispatch management

Let us take care of dispatch and delivery:  If desired, we can take care of dispatch including the handling of all processes. We can deliver on pallets to your warehouse, for example, or as individual packets to your customers – worldwide. We can also adjust the dispatch from our warehouse to suit your precise needs.

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Project management

Well advised and supported from A to Z: We provide contract packaging as a smart all-inclusive service. We support you throughout the entire process chain – from consultation and development and production of the fitting packaging solution, preparation for dispatch to storage of the goods and delivery.

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Temporary storage of goods

Kept safe before and after packaging: The best conditions for products and finished products. Our high-bay warehouse enables product-specific storage and fulfils special requirements – such as those for advent calendars with temperature-sensitive chocolate or for anti-theft protection of more expensive goods.

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Many years of experience
In contract packaging from simple projects to complex processes and large-scale projects, for many different sectors
Production in Poland
Long-standing cross-border collaboration with cost benefits and convenient service thanks to contacts in Germany and Poland
Top performance
Thanks to scheduled dispatch preparation lines and in-house mechanical engineering for customer-specific requirements
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