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Cookie packaging in modern craft paper look and natural feel

Packaging with a natural look and feel

The enthusiasm for that first glance, that first moment of truth, is increasingly important when it comes to attracting the customer’s attention to a product at the POS. And what comes next is no less important: the customer takes the product from the shelf, feels it and examines it. This extensive connection with the customer is especially successful with Karl Knauer’s packaging with a natural look and feel. The multi-sensory approach helps to surprise the customer, impress them and make them remember the brand in the long term.

“Multi-sensory” is the packaging of the future

The first moment of truth is the precise moment when the customer sees the packaging. This brief moment must be so remarkable that the packaging stands out from the constantly changing range of products in the supermarket and makes the customer want to hold the product in their hand. This effect can be achieved by various means, from a design that stands out from the crowd to the use of lighting effects, audio signals and scents. Once the customer’s interest has been aroused, the second moment comes: the product is taken from the shelf and will ideally impress the customer with a surprising feel. The packaging needs to remarkable in this respect as well. “The more senses that are appealed to, the longer the product will remain in the customer’s memory and the longer the product will impress as a whole, and this pays off for the brand over the long term,” explains Bernd Wussler, Key Account Manager at Karl Knauer KG.

Natural look and feel to appeal to multiple senses

For packages made from cardboard that not only looks like wood, but also feels just like wood, the appeal to the senses is particularly intense. The “natural” effect is created by a clever combination of material, printing, special varnish and a coordinated design. Baskets and bowls made from this material are especially suitable for all natural products like muesli, fruit, vegetables and baked goods, but also for totally different product areas like craft beer, fruit juices and cosmetics. Customers can also opt for FSC®-certified cardboard, so that the package not only looks and feels natural, but is also totally environmentally sound in its manufacture.

Taifun-Tofu GmbH: Sleeves with a natural look and feel

Feto, a product made from tofu, has been delivered in a sleeve with a natural look and feel since 2016. This natural product is sold by food retailers in the chiller cabinet, with the sleeve functioning as secondary packaging. The requirements for the sleeve were clear: the high quality of the secondary packaging should accentuate and highlight the product’s natural qualities to increase sales success in the long term. The material used also had to be adjusted to suit the cooling environment, as did the varnishes and inks for the printing.

“Improving the product packaging by using an additional sleeve in a natural look that matched our product: this was our goal. And being able to impress our customers with a surprisingly different feel was especially pleasing!” explains Susanne Grießer from Taifun-Tofu. “In collaboration with Karl Knauer KG, we were able to give our natural product a natural sleeve that not only attracts attention, but also impresses with its feel.”

Kekswerkstatt: sweets that look and taste good

The top quality, baked goods produced by Kekswerkstatt are hand-made and make superb gifts for customers, employees and friends. The inventive creations are made from natural ingredients and this property is what should be portrayed by the packaging. Karl Knauer KG was able to provide a suitable packaging solution for a limited edition of sweets: the finished packaging impressed customers with its craft paper look and natural feel with offset printing. “We also commissioned very special packaging for our biscuits as part of a campaign: the packaging was intended to reflect the natural quality of our products and thus underpin our credibility as a manufacturer of sustainable baked goods. With the packaging with a natural look and feel in bright colour print, this is exactly what we achieved: an integrated concept from the purchasing of natural baking ingredients to suitable packaging,” explains Sebastian Reza, from Kekswerkstatt.


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