Packaging management from the expert

Packaging as a success factor: We take care of the entire packaging management for you. As your supply chain partner, we advise and assist you throughout the entire packaging process. From the initial discussion to the efficient realisation of the packaging and the logistics. We are always on hand to help. Whether it’s in relation to materials, cost efficiency, sustainability, finishing or safety.Or something totally unexpected.



Your partner along the supply chain

  • Efficiency:  Cleverly coordinated processes reduce your costs 
  • Support:  Less work for you thanks to comprehensive service 
  • Security:  Smooth workflows secure your processes 
  • Optimum solution:  For your specific requirements 
  • Innovation:  Entirely new packaging can be developed as required
Process steps

An overview of our services

Lean consulting icon
Lean-Consulting from our experts

As your supply chain partner, we advise and assist you throughout the entire packaging process, including the upstream and downstream processes.  

Process optimisation, mechanical engineering icon
Process optimisation

Our mechanical engineering specialists analyse the packaging machines and processes on your premises and improve the quality and efficiency of the workflows.

Mechanical engineering icon
In-house mechanical engineering

A special bonus in packaging management. Our portfolio ranges from small designs to process optimisation and the construction of entire packaging systems.

Material consulting icon
Material consulting

The topic of material is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain. We can find the right cardboard for your product and process, with a focus on sustainable alternatives.

Packaging development icon
Packaging development

Thanks to our in-house R&D department, we can give you packaging perfectly tailored to suit your product and brand – in terms of material, form, function and finishing. 

Design consulting icon
Design consulting

Brand communication and the attention-grabbing impact of packaging at the POS are also part of our packaging management. Ultimately, this is what makes Karl Knauer a leader and driver of innovation.

Packaging optimisation icon
Packaging optimisation

Our experienced experts analyse your existing packaging with regard to costs, efficiency, material etc. and give your packaging a major boost.

Contract packaging icon
Contract packaging

We can also take care of the downstream process of co-packing, from simple to complex tasks, from the packaging and preparation for dispatch to delivery.

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