Product and brand protection the right way

Counterfeiting, product piracy and trademark infringements are on the increase and now make up a significant share of overall trade. The EUIPO estimates the loss caused by product piracy in the EU alone to be roughly 60 billion euros a year. 

In principle, any product can fall victim to product piracy. The damage caused for trademark owners is not only financial: if low-quality counterfeits become widespread, they can cause immense harm to the brand’s reputation.


We can protect your products from piracy and counterfeits

VERIDA is a 3 in1 system developed by Karl Knauer to protect your products as part of packaging production. There are many ways that packaging can effectively protect a product from being copied. The 3 in1 system also offers solutions for track and trace and marketing campaigns. Depending on the configuration level, and tailored to your needs.


Product and brand protection

Every product can be marked as original via the packaging. We combine overt and covert security features from the fields of printing, embossing or finishing with IT-based coding. The VERIDA code is absolutely unique and unambiguous, not predictable or calculable. It confirms the originality of the product, for example, or serves as an analysis tool to identify grey imports and counterfeiting hotspots.


Product and brand protection
Printed VERIDA security code
Track and Trace 

Track your product along the entire supply chain: whether for an individual product, container or logistical shipping unit, with VERIDA track and trace you always know where your product is located. This helps with stocktaking, locating individual items, counterfeit statistics and market analyses. Communication with your IT systems is carried out via standardised interfaces such as XML or EDIFACT.

Track and trace
Product tracking along the supply chain

The VERIDA bar code is ideal for use as part of your marketing campaigns. When your customer scans the code with their smartphone, a specific action is initiated. From opening a website or displaying in-depth product information, to downloads or competitions, anything is possible.

Marketing campaigns with the VERIDA bar code
Opening the code with a smartphone

What’s in it for you?

Complex algorithms are combined in the generation of the code and all incidents are logged in a secured database
Inexpensive incl. investment protection
Existing technologies are incorporated, such as smartphones and bar code scanners, and existing systems are extended
Tailored to suit your needs
Modular design, not dependent on specific technologies, so suitable for almost any packaging and any sector
Newsletter: Always up-to-date