It’s time to make changes:
Packaging relaunch

Whether we want it or not, everything around us is constantly changing. Anyone who stubbornly sits still runs the risk of lagging behind, and this not only holds true in a marathon race but in almost all facets of life and work and, of course, in marketing as well. As such, product managers are well-advised to regularly check their brand image and adapt it if necessary, because what was trendy yesterday is today “retro” at best, but it is likely that the vast majority of consumers will simply deem it “out” tomorrow. In order to appeal to younger and thus newer consumer groups and to be perceived as modern, even major brands such as the world-famous, dark-brown caffeine soft drink consistently adapt themselves to contemporary tastes. For instance, apart from the shape of its bottles, its red-white logo has consistently undergone slight modifications since 1886 so that it always looks modern. This kind of adaptation to the design and/or product characteristics or functions is known as a “relaunch”. Like with the aforementioned soft drink, it can occur almost unnoticed or even be used very deliberately as an instrument for winning over new consumer groups. 


New trends, new functions, new requirements:
Reasons for a (product) relaunch

It’s time to make changes: Packaging relaunch

New software functions, recipe changes, new legal provisions related to, e.g., product labelling, or even increased customer demand for sustainable, plastic-free packaging – all these can be motives for a relaunch. To ensure that a product evolution or re-design is received positively on the market, you need to wonder in advance whether and how you announce the change, and above all which target audiences you wish to address. Because in the end, the customer alone decides whether the relaunch is successful or not.


Packaging design:

The customer sets the agenda.

Do I reach for it or do I let a product sit on the shelf? The packaging plays an increasing role in this process, and more and more buyers are rejecting ones made of plastic. This is why many manufacturers are now using a product relaunch to fundamentally revise the packaging and make it sustainable, e.g., by using cardboard. This is because the material is and always has been a message – and cardboard as a sustainable raw material is the packaging material of the hour.


Plastic-free toothbrush packaging for Dr.BEST
A global market leader in the plastic diet

Let’s take a look at the new blister packaging that we have created for the Dr. BEST and Aquafresh toothbrush brands to see the potential that new packaging can hold. Since 2021, the famous swivelling head has been presented behind an innovative patched window made of sustainable cellulose fibres. The GlaxoSmithKline corporation, which owns the Dr. BEST and other brands, can save roughly 325 tonnes of plastic each year with this fully plastic-free packaging that can be recycled via the paper bin, and it has won several national and international packaging awards because of this.

Holistic packaging relaunch for Mey
Sustainability you can feel

Timeless cuts and natural materials such as fine-spun cotton, wool, or silk have always characterized the appeal of this underwear manufacturer. In addition to the introduction of the new brand image including the logo relaunch, the packaging line was also revised and is now seductive thanks to its natural-warm natural cardboard haptics. And now it does not use any plastics at all. 

Packaging know-how

Expertise that you can touch

Packaging design makes a world of a difference

Our packaging specialists work day by day on turning the ideas created in the marketing departments into reality. We know exactly what it takes to meet all the requirements for packaging in terms of design, function as well as the point-of-sale effect. The sooner you bring us on board with packaging projects, the faster the development process and thus the execution time.


So, do not hesitate to send us a no-obligation inquiry if you are considering changing something about your product and/or the packaging. Because as you already know: If you sit still, you very quickly lag behind.
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