Custom-made products

Custom-made promotional products – rotating discs and more besides

The special solution that gives you the edge: Whether they incorporate special materials, extraordinary finishes or unusual special designs – our solutions are all about your requirements and requests.
Fully in line with our motto, ‘Impressively different’, we regularly develop products that are one-of-a-kind. What makes our solutions individual is the fact they are made of exceptional, sustainable materials, have innovative shapes or packaging, or come as promotional products that light up.

Whichever of our custom designs particularly inspires you, we can naturally produce a solution that boasts a custom shape, size and design.

Custom designs

Cardboard parking and rotating discs

An extra-sustainable and eco-friendly version of the rotating disc. What makes this particular product so special is the fact that the rotating mechanism is not a metal eyelet, but made of cardboard too. This has three advantages: The rotating disc is flat and thus ideally suited as a mailing or insert, it is 100 % recyclable and an absolute winner due to its more attractive price.



The most important thing about rotating discs

  • Rotating discs as promotional products: With added value: Its additional benefits make the rotating disc particularly attractive as a promotional product. You use it extensively to find the information you are looking for. So it has a renewed impact every time it is used. Besides the parking disc, there are many other ways of using the rotating disc: Food calculator, travel calculator, fee calculator, data slider, holiday planner, etc.
  • Eco-friendly cardboard solution: The rotating disc is completely made of cardboard, without any metal eyelets. It comprises a bottom disc, the cover with punched-out window and the cardboard rotating mechanism. It can be created with two or more parts.
  • Customised in line with your requests: We develop our rotating discs so they are completely customised to meet your requirements: Design, cardboard material, printing, finishing – there are next to no limits to creativity.
  • Ideal for mailing or putting on display: As an effective promotional product that is lightweight and inexpensive, the rotating disc is ideal for large runs, especially for direct mailing campaigns, for use as inserts or for display at the POS.
Custom designs

Adhesive products

We also offer our popular adhesive products with special structural designs. Whatever you would like in terms of materials, finishes, shapes, sizes and numbers of sheets – almost anything can be created. Product imitations or effect envelopes are particularly effective, for example. Various adhesive products such as adhesive notes and adhesive markers can also be combined with the likes of note pads.


Custom designs

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes in all shapes, colours and designs imaginable – as product replicas or with various folding and display mechanisms. With a custom-designed cardboard box, you benefit from our expertise in folding box construction, impressive quality and advertising that has a long-lasting impact on your customers.


Whatever customised promotional products could get your message across – we will be happy to advise you.
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