• New radiance

    Luminous packaging for the premium cosmetics brand elline Switzerland.  As soon as the packaging is opened, the laser-printed “Treasures of Youth” lettering lights up in line with the brand name elline (the luminous one). 

    We are happy to support you in the development and implementation of holistic packaging solutions. Talk to us!

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  • Visual appeal matters

    The selection of spirits on the shelves is currently wider than ever before. How do you differentiate yourself from other products on the market? Packaging is an excellent way to convey the philosophy behind your product, to get across content that makes customers want to try it.  

    Want to emotionally engage your buyers? We are happy to work with you to create your ideal packaging, focusing on material, form and design!

  • Celebrate anniversaries

    From a communication strategy perspective, company anniversaries are a gift in the making. Are you celebrating an anniversary in 2019? Then take this opportunity to strengthen your brand. 

    Custom-designed gift packaging will ensure your company takes centre stage in style. Discover our extensive range of products.

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  • Focus on sustainability

    For a company that is based in the Black Forest, it is only natural that taking responsibility for people, the environment and nature has always been very important to us.

    Sustainable thinking, decision-making and acting are fixed values in our daily activities. For 80 years now! Karl Knauer - impressively different, even when it comes to sustainability!

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