• LitePac Top takes part in the finals

    To speak is silver, to do is gold. In line with this credo, the German Sustainability Award Foundation, in cooperation with REWE Group, once again honours this year’s outstanding ideas for more sustainable packaging. One of the three companies that made it to the final is packaging specialist Karl Knauer.

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  • Golden Award

    Magical jungle feel. Perfectly staged and experienced up close: An unboxing experience par excellence. Our packaging for the high-end cosmetics ASAHEGO wins the German Packaging Award in Gold 2020.

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  • Just say thank you

    Small gestures are not merely a sign of friendship, they also help to maintain good relationships with customers and employees. If you want to add a little gift to your heartfelt thanks to someone, you can find three new motifs in our range to say “Danke,” “Merci” or “Thank you”. Browse through our catalogue!

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  • Adhesive Notes in Corona Times

    The possible uses are as versatile as the note blocks and formats available: as a notice that a desk or hotel room has been disinfected, a reminder of the social distancing rules, or any other information for customers and staff.

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