Note cube "Design Edition"


For advertising purposes, customer-specific logos can easily be added to the print of these note cubes without any design effort on your part. A continuous print covers the Individual pages and edges. Keeping the strikingly realistic impression of a concrete, wood or cheese block alive until the very last page.

ArrowAlso available as sticky notes.

3D simulaton with your logo!

We are happy to create for you a movable 3D pdf with your logo on our existing designs.

Try out our examples now:

Just grab the image with the cursor and rotate/move it:
Arrow3D Simulation "Noodles" Arrow3D Simulation "Cofe"  |  Arrow3D Simulation "Stone" |  Arrow3D Simulation "Screw"


78 x 78 x 125 mm
68 x 68 x 68 mm
118 x 79 x 70 mm

Number of sheets:
approx. 1.150 sheets
approx. 680 sheets
approx. 700 sheets

offsetpaper woodfree white

sheets offset printing, edges screen printing

ex 300 pieces

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