Fighting forgeries:
With product & brand protection at all levels.

Real help for a massive problem affecting manufacturers, consumers and the economy as a whole: A product's packaging provides many ways to effectively protect the content against imitation or fake. Hi-tech finishing, code technologies or sophisticated security designs now help companies protect their products and brands. A particularly innovative solution is provided by the security system VERIDA.
An IT-based coding as well as overt and covert features from the print, material and finishing areas permit the identification of a product at all stations – from the manufacturing of the product to its final destination with the consumer.
VERIDA is a 3-in-1 system solution for product and brand protection, track & trace and marketing. Because of the flexible and modular set up, the system can be implemented as an individual solution in all three areas.
VERIDA "product and brand protection" combines know-how with modern mathematical coding methods in the packaging and labelling production. Every product type can be labelled – either directly or via the packaging – as an original.
Different security levels are possible – from visible marking with holograms or a tamper-proof code that can be read out using commercially available mobile phones to high-security techniques as are used in verifying money (bills) and that are only recognisable using special devices. In doing so, VERIDA does not only protect the product, but it is also a tool for the proactive market observation and the recognition of "problem areas" (e.g. grey imports, forgery hot spots).
VERIDA "Track & Trace" allows you to follow and trace the product from the initial manufacturing to the end consumer. The focus lies on the compatibility to existing systems.  Commercially available barcode scanners can be integrated, as well as RFID systems or mobile phones. Communication and data exchange with the customers IT environment is realised through the implementation of standard interfaces (e.g., XML or EDIFACT).
VERIDA "Marketing" is an innovative tool for modern advertising and customer loyalty. With the help of 2-D barcodes (datamatrix or QR barcodes) or NFC/RFID chips, different activities can be activated: prize draws, customer service programs, e-commerce, information or lots more can be integrated. The success of a marketing activity can be analysed immediately. What is especially interesting is the ability to immediately launch a real-time product authenticity check for the consumer. This can either be visible or invisible to the consumer.
The unique selling proposition of VERIDA is its smart combination of different known technologies into one integrated system (barcodes, RFID, NFC, printed high security features, smart packaging, mobile phones, internet).
Karl Knauer provides a single-source solution for your overall concept in our own ERP system, together with all IT services and safety processes and it speaks for itself that this is also the case when it comes to the development and production of the packaging or the adhesive labels.