Future packaging

Packaging trends reflect general trends and point toward the future. With great passion and curiosity we eagerly anticipate the future and, together with the leading experts from various industries, are already working on developing solutions for tomorrows’ packaging mega trends:

Efficiency, sustainability, green packaging, safety-relevant technologies, brand, individualisation, online and offline connections, integrated communication, packaging as a bilateral communication bridge, integration of digital sales aids, inclusion of augmented reality technology, infotainment on the packaging, sustainability, convenience, reusable packaging, simplification of packaging, and the list goes on and on and on. Let's look toward the future together! We would gladly help you turn your ideas into innovations!

Enormous future potential: Luminous packaging

HiLight – printed electronics®

In 2012 the triumphal march of our printed electronics "HiLight – printed electronics®" began, when the first luminous packaging based on electroluminescence was introduced to the worldwide market. The packaging of "Bombay Sapphire" gin by Bacardi received over 30 national and international awards. The technology of applying electronics to printing processes, promises an incredible number of fantastic application possibilities. Take advantage of the enormous potential of printed electronics for your market, for your brand. Printed electronics is a growth market that is likely to make you rave.

HiLight – smart LEDs® 

With the patented HiLight – smart LEDs® technology from Karl Knauer, light can be integrated into any cardboard, corrugated cardboard or paper product in an aesthetic, functional and affordable way. The potential uses are virtually unlimited and are truly eye-catching in any case. Find out about our HiLight products and be inspired by their luminous power and innovative strength.

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HiLight – printed OLEDs®

OLED – a bright future: A new era is beginning – at least in the field of packaging. This is because Karl Knauer, in cooperation with the Berlin based INURU GmbH, presents probably the first illuminated packaging with printed, flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). 

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