Mechanical engineering from packaging specialists

Experience, expertise and plenty of passion.

When one of Germany’s most innovative packaging manufacturers contributes its experience in mechanical engineering, you can confidently expect the best. Thanks to our more than 80 years of experience in packaging manufacturing and over 40 years in the construction of packaging machines, we can provide you with especially practical advice. With Karl Knauer, you get performance and perfection, as well as plenty of passion: our team is well-known for its outstanding dedication and consistent commitment to your project’s success.

Intelligence in manufacturing. To meet the requirements of the future.

The packaging industry is faced with major challenges: safety, hygiene, protection, marketing, personalisation, and – last but not least – value for money – all the performance parameters have to meet top-level requirements. After all, it is worthwhile to examine processes and adapt the requirements down to the smallest detail in a number of ways. If you are capable of optimising your packaging processes, you will be even more successful on the market.
Our customers value our high level of personal commitment to every job. At Karl Knauer, we don’t offer ready-made solutions; instead, we conceptualise and design everything precisely for your application, right down to the smallest detail. Our wealth of experience is a huge help in this regard, as we combine standard solutions with your individual requirements and thereby guarantee a high level of process reliability from the very outset.

Service modules: our package at a glance

You can expect a great deal, because we support you in every step of the process. From the analysis and planning of your packaging line, over the development of a custom-made, cost-efficient and material-efficient solution, to our excellent after-sales service – our service modules leave nothing to be desired.

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Guaranteed success. Our quality promise.

We love quality. We’d even go so far as to say we’re obsessed with it. This is a standard you are more than welcome to measure us against. Because we know that a packaging machine works particularly well when everything is perfect with respect to quality. Our quality seal is the perfect expression of this high standard.

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Intelligent manufactoring: references

We have been designing efficiency-enhancing mechanical engineering solutions for use in the packaging industry for our customers for more than 40 years. Our customers include well-known large companies and SMEs which are from the branded goods and services industries and are based all over Europe. With plenty of experience and innovative strength when it comes to brands, products and companies, we deliver impressive services time and time again.

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