Advent calendar "Rustikal"



Your benefits at a glance

  • Not bound to a specific brand of beer: Follow your own preferences!

  • Suitable for many 0.33 litre beer bottles and almost all 24-bottle branded beer crates (basic dimensions 30x40x26.5cm, WxLxH)

  • Easy handling and safe transport

  • Integrated aperture for checking whether the diameter of the beer bottle fits

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The beer Advent calendar is available in 2 versions:

Standard version "Rustikal"
In seasonal wood finish and with integrated greeting card for your personal Christmas greetings. Minimum quantity 25 pcs., available through specialist shops.

Version "Individuell"
Full design freedom! Alternatively, you can create an advent calendar with the design of your choice. Minimum quantity 1,000 pcs.

Design/Type/Colour: Advent calendar "Rustic"
Design category: Beer
Postal delivery: No
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