Successful career start: three apprentices join Karl Knauer

Three apprentices have started their training at the long-established company based in Biberach/Baden. An orientation week with a concluding surprise is the first thing on the agenda to help the trainees familiarise themselves with the company and to get to know the individual departments.

Tomorrow’s specialists

Training young people is the key to a successful future. This first week plays an important role in helping the newcomers get off to a good start in their working lives. Not only do the trainees get to know the company during this phase, but they also gain detailed insights into the different departments through talks and their first small tasks. This formative time brings variety and promotes a certain amount of responsibility right from the start. A day out together with the apprentices who started their training in 2021 and 2022 is planned for the end of the orientation week. Marco Manna, Head of Human Resources and Finance, adds, “We won’t, of course, reveal anything about the trip just yet.” The idea behind this joint outing is for people get to know each other better and to share initial experiences. Marco Manna underscores the company’s philosophy: “As well as sharing technical knowledge with junior employees, it’s important to entrust them with responsibilities. They are always given enough freedom and opportunities to put what they have learned into practice and to learn from mistakes.” This approach is reflected in the company’s apprentice projects, which have social and societal dimensions. “Examples here include initiatives such as the Karl Knauer bee pasture, the management of social media channels and participation in industry-specific training competitions and events,” continues Manna.

Bright prospects

Together with a future machine and plant management specialist, two apprentice business management assistants are also embarking on their careers at Karl Knauer. It is evident again this year that technical apprenticeships are attracting fewer applicants than their commercial counterparts. Yet it is precisely these technical professions that offer a wide range of opportunities. Those with a passion for technology have great chances of still securing an apprenticeship. Marco Manna says, “There are still vacant positions within Karl Knauer for 2023, including a vacancy for an apprentice packaging technologist and another for a machine and plant operator.” Those interested in finding an apprenticeship opportunity in this field at short notice are warmly invited to take part in a taster day to gain first-hand insights into the working environment and potentially gain an apprenticeship place in the process.

Another career development opportunity offered at Karl Knauer is progression through targeted further training. Two apprentices who successfully completed their training as machine and plant operators this year are now continuing their training for a further year in the field of packaging technology.

Those who complete their training at Karl Knauer have great prospects: there is usually the possibility of a permanent position once training has been successfully concluded. Karl Knauer is committed to taking on its new skilled workers long-term. Anyone interested in working in an innovative and dynamic environment is now invited to apply for apprenticeships starting in 2024. Because it’s never too early to lay the foundation for your professional future. Kick-start your own career!

Three apprentices join Karl Knauer
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