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The idea behind “SchokoFreunde”, a start-up launched by BK Handel, will be a hit with anyone who has ever dreamed of being locked in a chocolate shop and able to eat chocolate to their heart’s content.

The only difference – which will exceed anyone’s wildest dreams – is that this colourful selection of luxury chocolates will be delivered directly to your door. Further, they are enclosed inside a giant chocolate Easter egg packaged in an attractive and practical gift box with a large cut-out window through which it can be clearly seen. The outer folding box, which was developed by the Black Forest-based packaging expert Karl Knauer, contains up to 99 per cent recycled fibres and comes with an integrated handle, which makes it easy to grasp, including for children. To ensure that these luxury chocolates – which will delight not only young chocolate fans but also the young at heart – reach their recipients safely, the box had to be designed in such a way that the contents would survive the journey undamaged. The Karl Knauer development team achieved this by adding an inlay made of the same material as the folding box.

The chocolate egg can also be personalised and printed with the recipient’s name. Whether for a (child’s) birthday, their Holy Communion or as a massive Easter surprise – SchokoFreunde has a suitable gift for every occasion and every taste. “We are delighted to have made the decision to work with Karl Knauer and really appreciate the staff’s level of professionalism,” says SchokoFreunde founder Yesim Kaya, clearly delighted with the success of her company, which was founded in 2020.

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