Plastic: A thing of the past with Karl Knauer!

Sustainability is an extremely important issue nowadays, and it plays a role in all aspects of life.

In everyday office life, too, there are numerous opportunities to make sustainable decisions and use environmentally-friendly alternatives. While plastic products are indispensable in some areas, in everyday office life there are solutions made of renewable raw materials that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more functional. An impressive example of this is the round Office Organiser 05 by Karl Knauer. It consists of 100% sustainable cardboard and provides plenty of space for pens, rulers and so on. Thanks to its clever design with internal compartments, it ensures that everything is kept tidy, even when office life is hectic.

At the same time, its playfully creative side can come to the fore, if desired. This is because its outer cover can be custom printed according to the customer’s wishes and can thus brighten up the atmosphere in the office, for example, as a stack of tyres, a panoramic view of a landscape or a refreshing (after-work) drink, in addition to the sustainable brand message.

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