Karl Knauer apprentices look after the biotope

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On 8 November, five apprentices of packaging specialist Karl Knauer rolled up their sleeves and headed into the thicket. In a joint effort with the Ortenaukreis Landscape Conservation Association and the Baumpflege Volk team, their programme for the day included maintaining the protected “reed canary grass biotope” and the wet meadow along the Reiherbach stream in the Prinzbach district of Biberach/Baden.

The areas where grazing animals used to keep the cultivated landscape accessible now have to be actively maintained, i.e. cleared or cut back by hand. It goes without saying that the five young aspiring packaging experts took on this task with enthusiasm. After a full morning’s work in the fresh November air, the job was done and everyone involved was delighted with the result. 

The nature conservation initiative at Reiherbach is the third environmental project carried out by Karl Knauer KG apprentices: Following the introduction of the Karl Knauer bee meadow and the company’s own Karl Knauer bee colony in collaboration with Bienenmartin’s apicultural services in 2021, a patch of wasteland measuring around 1000 square metres in Biberach Forest was reforested last year with around 250 sessile oaks and 50 small-leaved lime trees. “Through these projects, we hope to raise awareness of environmental issues and make a positive contribution here in the region. At the same time, engaging in a common cause – even if outside the company walls – strengthens the team and the sense of togetherness,” says Marco Manna, Head of Human Resources at Karl Knauer, describing the benefits of such activities.

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