Exciting career prospects for girls

Exciting career prospects for girls

Girls‘ Day at Karl Knauer


There are over 320 recognised vocational training-based careers in Germany; significantly more than you might first think. However, the majority of young people choose to train in more conventional occupations such as those in sales, retail, mechatronics, and the social sector. To address this, but above all to attract more girls to technical professions, Germany has held a “Girls’ Day” since 2001. This is an opportunity for young women to get a taste of careers that have traditionally been considered “typically male” occupations.

As in previous years, the packaging and promotional product specialist Karl Knauer opened its doors for the event, this time introducing female pupils from the region to the apprenticeship-based roles of packaging technologist and print technologist.

Out of school, into work

Jennifer Schöner, Innovation Project Manager at Karl Knauer, and herself a former apprentice packaging technologist, is positive in her summary, “We were all delighted with how interested the girls were in our company and products. And it was great to see how enthusiastically they took part in our workshops.” The girls were able to lend a hand in Karl Knauer’s production department and got to experience first-hand what it is like to work as a packaging technologist by constructing an advent calendar and preparing die-cutting tools. Pupils were particularly pleased with being able to take home their self-made folding boxes that make up the Advent calendar, as well as a gift box. Human Resources Manager Marco Manna was also happy with how the day went, “While it proved more difficult to find participants this year compared to previous years, those who did come were really motivated. We're in the process of looking at how we can better advertise the event in schools as we of course want to open our doors to interested pupils again in 2024.” 

Young people will get another chance to be inspired in person by the sustainable and innovative packaging manufacturer, the company’s paper and cardboard products, and the wide range of apprenticeships available at the Berufsinfomesse careers fair at the Baden Arena in Offenburg (stand 333), which is set to take place on 12 and 13 May 2023.


Who does what? Packaging technologist / Print technologist

Packaging technologists create packaging and sales displays from paper,cardboard, plastic and other materials. They plan and organise production, prepare technical drawings and select suitable materials and machines. They work closely with customers and suppliers and also take economic and environmental aspects into account.

Print technologists are responsible for the production of printing forms, the setting up of printing machines, and the printing of sheets or rolls. They have to control and monitor colour composition and the printing process with precision to ensure the quality of printed products. Maintaining and servicing the machinery involved is also part of their remit.

From left to right: Jennifer Schöner (Innovation Project Manager and former apprentice packaging technologist at Karl Knauer), Ronja Buchholz, Laura Weber, Lara Sell, Milena Fuchs (apprentice commercial assistant at Karl Knauer).
Girls' Day at Karl Knauer
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