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Popular classic products show that although not everything was better in the past, some things really have stood the test of time. Calendars, for example, are as popular as ever when it comes to giveaways, and can still be found in practically every household and many offices, despite widespread digitalisation.

Promotional product specialists like Black Forest-based Karl Knauer KG understand that this is because calendars are of practical use to customers and offer companies advertising space, which remains in view for twelve months at a time. With its small, easy and low-cost mailing format, the (extra) flat postcard desk calendar that Karl Knauer has added to its range shows what such a marketing favourite can look like. Each month’s theme can be individually created and, for example, tailored to the company’s corporate design or promotional message. Everything is possible, from eye-catching photos and fun quotes to practical tips or a team’s favourite recipes. A perforated design allows the individual calendar pages to be turned into postcards in a matter of seconds, meaning that they can carry their positive message even further.
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