A spectacular event

PepsiCo/Marvel Studios: Black Panther packaging stages the worldwide movie launch

When the US-American Marvel Studios launched their new blockbuster "Black Panther" world-wide on 15 February, a package played the lead role: With a particularly exciting promotion in the shape of a spectacular package for Brisk Iced Tea, sponsor PepsiCo (USA) pitched the event to the opinion leaders.  Designed to perfectly match the look & feel of the cult movie, the packaging showcases the "Black Panther character" with all the senses. The company Karl Knauer, packaging specialist with headquarters in Biberach/Germany, produced the package that is worthy of an Oscar.

"This extraordinary project tops everything we ever developed and produced before," says Martin Glatz, Head of Marketing at Karl Knauer. "Together with PepsiCo and Marvel Studios and supported by a network of strong partners, such as "buch exklusiv“ and "Highlight Media", we set off a firework of finishing techniques."

Everybody who gets the chance to see the package will immediately understand Martin Glatz's enthusiasm: Produced in a 3D printer with high-end finishing, a can of the PepsiCo brand "Brisk" designed to look like the movie hero "Black Panther" is set up on a small "stage" with side parts that fold out, making it resemble the interior of their hi-tech stealth ships.  The surprising stage effect occurring when the all-black packaging is opened was created by means of embossing in all facets, 20 seconds of light choreography, and sophisticated folding mechanisms.

Illumination orchestration with HiLight-smart LEDs® technology 
Obviously, you need plenty of technology and know-how to implement this marvel. This is why Karl Knauer, known as the innovator of the industry, was awarded the contract: Implemented with the newly developed and patented HiLight-smart LEDs® technology, a spectacular illumination orchestration in the form of an ultra-thin layer was integrated in the three rear walls. When the Black Panther logo is pressed, the light show starts in five separately controlled zones. The light show can be re-started at any time and gives a perfect taste of the magic of the movie.
The robust packaging which contains high-quality rigid box material, finished with 3D UV paint on uncoated paperboard, provides a touch and feel that perfectly represents the native setting of “Wakanda” in the movie.  In terms of appearance and functionality, the technically fully mature package is a treat.

As a bonus, a replica of the characters prized Kimoyo beads are included, packaged in high-finish rigid box material with a laser-cut styrofoam bed. 
Additionally, the entire set is also environmentally friendly! The batteries can be removed from their easy-to-open compartment and disposed of properly, or exchanged for continued enjoyment of the illumination.  "The illuminated Black Panther package is unique in all aspects. I reckon that it will become a highly coveted object immediately, and will certainly be a sought-after collector's item," says Martin Glatz.