Here comes season four

Advertising media with depth effect

How does the saying go? Four is a winner! And this principle seems to also apply to the advertising media specialist Karl Knauer from Biberach/Baden. Because the two new note solutions from the "Quattro series" play with four different types of paper formats in one product. The shaped cutting of three of the four pads creates a great 3D effect and can be enhanced further with an additional matching motif. 

The "staggered" structure allows for interesting use possibilities which go beyond normal note advertising media: For example, the Quattro Box, which is filled with single sheets, can also be used as a dispenser for short customer information, such as ingredient lists or washing instructions. In the Quattro Pad, the sheets are glued at the bottom, so that when you are holding a block in your hands, the staggered design becomes a special eye-catcher.

The Quattro Box and Quattro Pad can be designed and die-cut to customers' requirements and are available at a minimum quantity of 500 pieces.