Epic Packaging

Illuminated Black Panther packaging with HiLight – smart LEDs®

The packaging designed by Karl Knauer KG for PepsiCo (USA) and Marvel Film Studios for the Black Panther film première is spectacular on many levels and has made the packaging specialist a “radiant” winner at this year's “POPAI” Awards. The team from the Black Forest secured their gold award in the “beverages and tobacco” category with an illuminated and extremely sophisticated box with multiple fold-outs.

The POPAI Awards panel has been honouring companies and service providers for “outstanding POS endeavours” for more than five decades. The promotional packaging for the iced tea "Brisk" by PepsiCo (USA), submitted by Karl Knauer for the competition, was conceived for an exclusive target group on the occasion of the theatrical release of the blockbuster "Black Panther" and has quickly become a sought-after collector's item. It is hardly surprising that this marketing concept by PepsiCo and Marvel Film Studios has been such a success; anyone who has seen this black box knows the direction that product design and packaging will take in the future. The exterior, with its sophisticated, black 3D UV gloss finish on natural cardboard, has an optical and tactile appeal, reflecting the African look and feel of the Black Panther film. When the high quality box with magnetic closure is opened, a drinks can in the design of one of the film’s heroes stands positioned on a podium within a spaceship cockpit. By pressing the Black Panther logo, a 20 second light sequence is activated; the ice tea is spectacularly staged with the aid of ultra-thin HiLight - smart LEDs® technology.

"We are pleased to have been able to develop and produce these unique collectibles for PepsiCo and the Marvel Film Studios. After all, we don't come across this type of film based project every day. Design, construction, material, refinement and the latest lighting technology work together perfectly in the Black Panther packaging,”explains Martin Glatz, Head of Research & Development at Karl Knauer. “This project surpasses anything we have created before - a video clip is available online for anyone wanting to see for themselves.”

Video clip link: Arrowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjbP7_JYXAQ