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Neuheiten Präsentverpackungen 2023/2024

Gift packaging 2023/24


Glamorous, sublime, natural-looking: The experience, the hors-d'oeuvre, the promise of what's inside – the new gift packaging celebrates that anticipation to enjoy the contents as the packaging for wines, spirits and other beverages is becoming ever more sophisticated. Karl Knauer KG (Biberach/Baden) – a pioneer in the gift packaging sector – showcases packaging trends that combine artful elegance, sustainability and tactile appeal through the use of natural materials, finishing techniques and graphic design. With understated charm yet eye-catching brilliance, they set new standards in the packaging of wine and spirits, thus delivering a remarkable contribution to the industry.

Elegant and appealing: Black and gold

Fine wines deserve appropriate packaging that does justice to the high quality of their contents. This is where packaging in deep black takes centre stage, combined with sophisticated relief embossing and stylish elements in gold. The fine, embossed patterns of the ‘Noblesse’ wine packaging give it a special feel and immediately convey a sense of distinction and exclusivity. The combination of deep black and golden colours is very much in vogue. Combined with stylish embossing, it attracts attention and makes you want to enjoy the wine even before opening the bottle. The ‘De Luxe XL’ gift box, with its elegant mix of matt and glossy finishing, also makes an instant impression. The packaging gives the product an elegant look and creates an appealing visual effect. The combination of different surface textures gives this packaging an interesting and modern appearance.

The power of aesthetics

Successful packaging not only engages the sense of touch, but also appeals to the eyes. The new ‘Weintrilogie’ and ‘Exquisit’ wine packaging features glossy foils that give off a subtle shimmer and reflect the light elegantly. The glossy elements of the ‘Weintrilogie’ and ‘Exquisit’ wine packaging create a harmonious, elegant and appealing overall image combined with dark and trendy colours. 

Focus on sustainability and nature

Sustainability has long since become a main concern for Karl Knauer KG and many consumers. Wine lovers are placing more and more importance on packaging that is also produced and designed in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. In ‘PURE line’, Karl Knauer KG has opted for a natural textured finish and a material that visually underlines the theme of sustainability to great effect.

The ‘PURE line Multibox’ is a new, sustainable and stylish all-rounder in the ‘PURE line’ series. The Multibox is not only perfect for presenting whisky, gin and other spirits, but also offers the ideal packaging solution for gifts such as honey, marmalade and jam jars. The modularity of the insert makes it easy to customise it both in terms of height and by means of folding bars to suit the gift being presented.
Karl Knauer also presents the ‘PURE line’ innovation – the ‘Cubes’. This packaging serves both as a stylish little basket and as a practical divider in a gift box, creating extra practicality. They are available in elegant black and natural design and are designed to perfectly fit into the two and three-piece wine gift carton (360 mm). (Image: ‘Cubes’ gift baskets, ‘PURE line Multibox’ and ‘PURE line Deckel schwarz’)

Trendy dark blue and dark green colours

Current trends in packaging development reveal a growing popularity of dark blue and dark green tones. These two colours lend the packaging an elegant, refined and timeless look. The deep dark blue is often associated with a degree of seriousness and elegance. It conveys confidence and imparts a high-quality touch to the product. Dark green stands for the strong connection to nature and emphasises the great importance that companies attach to ecological responsibility.

Anticipation for the Christmas season

The beautiful Christmas packaging novelties build up the anticipation for the festive season, and you will truly wonder what precious surprises may be in store for you in these natural and reusable gift boxes with elegant embossing in matt white. 

Apple juice harvest in innovative packaging

The new, innovative bag-in-box design ‘Apfelernte’ (apple harvest) was inspired by a sunny harvest day in a meadow orchard and is available in both 3-litre and 5-litre boxes. This design awakens the desire for fresh and delicious apple juice.

The wine presentation packaging of the future: Elegance, sustainability and a sensory experience

Wine presentation packaging is not only there to protect the contents. It should captivate the buyer and convey a sensory experience. The new trend of distinctive feel to packaging, whether through relief embossing, textures or special materials, turns buying and handling into a joyful event. The customer is meant to feel connected to the packaging and develop an anticipation for enjoying the wine even before uncorking the bottle.
Over all, the new packaging trends of Karl Knauer KG – one of the largest German producers of gift packaging – hint to an exciting future for the wine industry in 2023/24. With elegance, sustainability and innovative packaging ideas, Karl Knauer sets new standards and makes wine an even more attractive overall experience for consumers. The combination of aesthetic and environmental awareness signals a promising development in the world of fine wines.

Catalogue Gift Packaging 2023/24
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | PURE line Bocksbeutel
Gift packaging Bocksbeutel
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | PURE line Cubes
Gift packaging Cubes
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Deckel PURE line schwarz
Gift packaging Deckel PURE line
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | De Luxe XL, Weinpräsentkarton für dickere Sektflaschen
Gift packaging De Luxe
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Exquisit, Weinpräsentkarton, changchierende Mattglanzeffekte
Gift packaging Exquisit
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | PURE line Multibox
Gift packaging Multibox
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Multicolor, Weinfaltschachtel
Gift packaging Multicolor
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Noblesse, Weinpräsentkarton
Gift packaging Noblesse
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Schlittenfahrt Weihnachten Weinpräsentkarton
Gift packaging Schlittenfahrt
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Simply Christmas, Weihnachten Weinpräsentkarton
Gift packaging Simply Christmas
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | WEINline, Weinpräsentkarton, Online auf schlichtem PURE line Natur
Gift packaging WEINline
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Karl Knauer | Präsentverpackungsneuheit 2023/2024 | Weintrilogie Weinpräsentkarton
Gift packaging Weintrilogie
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