Smart solution from Karl Knauer

They’re always with us wherever we go – our smartphones. This is because the small mini computers are real all-rounders and therefore useful aids in our daily (office) lives. It’s no wonder that people look at their mobile phone screens between 50 and 80 times every day. To help you to keep your hands free, the packaging and advertising media specialist Karl Knauer has now taken one of the most important office tools, the practical adhesive note set, and given it a smart extra feature: an integrated mobile phone holder made of cardboard. The clever cardboard holder is designed to store almost all smartphone models and sizes and hold them securely. “Our goal is to create products that are clever, offer added value and are sustainable,” explains Anna Grießbaum, key account manager in the promotional product department at Karl Knauer. And this can certainly be said about the small new adhesive set, which is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials and can be printed according to customer requirements. Karl Knauer deliberately opted for a narrower note format, as this means you can stick the notes to the back of your smartphone as reminders. Because even though our mobile phones are the perfect pocket-sized tool for reminders, appointment planning or management tasks, sometimes nothing beats a handwritten note.

Adhesive note pad 27 with an integrated smartphone holder
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