Seven more new skilled workers for tomorrow

Start of apprenticeships at Karl Knauer


Packaging specialist Karl Knauer is welcoming seven new apprentices to the company for the start of the new apprenticeship year. With a total of 23 apprentices, the long-established company is in a good position as far as recruiting young talent is concerned. 

According to the latest figures released by the State Ministry of Economic Affairs, there were still roughly 36,000 vacant apprenticeship positions in Baden-Württemberg at the end of August, just before the start of the apprenticeship year. Those in charge of apprenticeships at Karl Knauer are all the more pleased that seven young men have chosen to start their professional working lives in Biberach. In addition to a student on the integrated business administration and industry degree programme, the roughly 400-strong workforce in Biberach now includes a print media technologist, two warehouse logistics specialists, an industrial clerk, and a machine/plant operator. A familiar face completes the start of training: after successfully completing a two-year apprenticeship as a machine/plant operator, a trainee adds a one-year apprenticeship as a packaging technologist.

Variety and responsibility – right from the start

In the first few days, the seven new apprentices will experience why Karl Knauer is a regular award-winner when it comes to the quality of its apprenticeships. In addition to standard training courses and safety briefings, the young apprentices will also take part in a financial workshop to learn how – if you're smart – you can make smaller or even bigger dreams come true with your first starting salary. Together with the apprentices who started in 2020 and 2021, the new recruits will then go on an excursion in early September and experience nature up close. This excursion promotes team spirit and is a good first opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Common interests can also be explored as part of the special apprenticeship projects that Karl Knauer organises every year. This includes, among other things, the Karl Knauer meadow for bees, managing the social media channels on Facebook and Instagram or participating in industry-specific training competitions and events. “We consider it important not only to impart theoretical specialist knowledge to our junior staff, but also to transfer responsibility to them, offering them the space and opportunities to utilise what they have learnt in practice, and also to learn from their own mistakes”, continues Marco Manna. “On the one hand, this happens in the departments, where the apprentices – depending on their chosen specialisation – engage with very different topics and issues, but also in the apprenticeship projects, where social and/or societal aspects often play an additional role.”

Those who use their “apprenticeship years” at Karl Knauer to gain knowledge and experience and successfully complete their training can generally look forward to a permanent employment contract. Because just as before, the packaging specialist plans to employ the new skilled workers in their own company in the future.

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New Karl Knauer KG apprentices, 2022
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