One box for every occasion

The best thing about the ‘little black dress’ in a woman’s wardrobe is that it fits every occasion. Whether it'’s an important business lunch, a casual get-together with friends or an official event – with the right accessories and shoes, you'’ll have the right outfit, ready to go, in the blink of an eye.

The same is true of the gift boxes from packaging specialist Karl Knauer, based in the Black Forest, Germany. Here, it’s not the shoes, but the options for refined finishing touches that make sure you’re noticed. Whether it’s for a special occasion, such as a product launch or anniversary celebration, or as standard packaging for every season – virtually anything is possible and thanks to the packaging experts at Karl Knauer, it can even be realised in small quantities at attractive terms. We are not only able to print the folding boxes to a completely unique design, we can also incorporate hole punching and/or sleeves. Rabbit ears sticking up from the box lid, for example, could suggest Easter, or punched-out Christmas trees could allow a peek at the surprise inside. With regard to content: since the box is made of GC2 virgin fibre cardboard, it is also suitable as packaging for food. But this creative packaging is naturally also ideal for other small items, such as toys, giveaways and accessories.


Gift box
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