Celebrating a combined total of 880 years of service at Karl Knauer

As many as six employees have been with the family business since 1977


On Friday, November 11th, Karl Knauer’s Management Board was once gain able to invite employees celebrating work anniversaries to festivities at the Hotel Badischer Hof in Prinzbach, following a two-year break due to pandemic restrictions. Thirty employees were honoured for their 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service.

Stefanie Wieckenberg, Managing Partner at Karl Knauer KG commended the 880 years of company service, stating, “Long-serving employees and their extensive know-how are indispensable. They form the foundation of a successful company and help shape it year after year. Next year will see us celebrate our 85th anniversary – something that wouldn't be possible without our dedicated employees.” Stefanie Wieckenberg also thanked the employees for their years of commitment on behalf of the company’s owning family, the Management Board and all managers. The employees present spanned all departments, from Production and Warehousing to Administration, Sales and Mechanical Engineering; the 30 colleagues know the company like the back of their hand.

The four employees celebrating 25 years of service were presented with a silver Karl Knauer deer award and a certificate from the German Chamber of Commerce, and the four celebrating 35 years received a gold version of the deer. The four employees with 40 years behind them were awarded a certificate from the German Chamber of Commerce as well as an honorary certificate from the state of Baden-Württemberg, signed by Minister President Winfried Kretschmann. This was presented by Biberach’s mayor Jonas Breig, who expressed appreciation during his speech, “In our fast-moving world, awards like those being given this evening are something rather special.” He went on to say that the awards showed how deeply rooted the employees are in the company and region, which is in no small part due to the company’s impressive development. Technical know-how, innovative corporate policy and sustainable product development are, according to Breig, all part of the company’s success. Many of those living in Biberach and the region benefit from this in terms of good, secure jobs, which also results in strong employee loyalty.

As many as six employees were presented with the Karl Knauer platinum deer award this year for their 45 years of service. They also received a special thank you from Michael Deronja, Managing Director at Karl Knauer KG, “It’s actually very true when I say that you have in fact spent almost all of your life to date with Karl Knauer AG. Loyalty like that is truly impressive.”

Frank Kornmayer, who himself was recognised for his 25 years of service to the company, extended his praise and thanks in his function as deputy chair of the Works Council, “All these anniversaries show that working at Karl Knauer has its rewards.” Kornmayer also noted how remarkable it was that eleven of those being honoured had completed their training at Karl Knauer, and added that long-time employees, and the sharing of their expertise, are essential for ensuring the company’s ongoing successful development.

The employees celebrating anniversaries::

10 years: Kevin Meyle, Stephan Schwarz, Martin Isenmann, Carolin Späth, Cornelia Schwarz

20 years: Martin Szojak, Michael Heizmann, Ralf Herrling, Sebastian Schöner, Alexander Herde

25 years: Tanja Zimmermann, Dominik Pfaff, Frank Kornmayer, Martina Neumaier

30 years: Hubert Moser, Heike Zimmermann

35 years: Rita Schätzle, Arno Hug, Michael Gallus, Markus Brucher

40 years: Alfons Klausmann, Eckhard Misof, Ludwig Schüle, Martina Bächle

45 years: Martina Montemurro, Bernhard Lehmann, Richard Antritter, Willi Alender, Edwin Haas, Petra Mägdle

Anniversaries 10 and 20 years
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Anniversaries 25, 30 and 35 years
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Anniversaries 40 and 45 years
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