Blind or raised embossing, film lamination, coating technologies or scented varnishes: With our refinement know-how from the packaging industry and state-of-the-art printing and production technologies we add that certain something to your advertising materials!

Blind embossing

Elegant, reduced, impressive: With blind embossing we can press logos and lettering onto the material without using films or colours. The optical result and the haptic experience upvalue the advertising material in an impressive way.

Scented varnish

Sensual and surprising: With scented varnish individual aromas are incorporated in the printed material. They are released by gently rubbing the surface and add the desired fragrance to the object. Various aromas are available.

Foil lamination

For glossy effects: With the foil lamination a foil is laminated onto a base material. The variety is impressive: Glossy foil, matt foil, holographic foil, etc. etc. etc.

Hot foil stamping

Very precious: Similar to the blind embossing, an image, a logo or typography is pressed in the material here. A foil is used with the hot foil stamping for optical gain.

Offset printing

Printed in high quality: Offset printing is the first choice for razor-sharp and extremely clearly executed printing results. Logos, image motifs, you name it: State-of-the-art flat bed printing convinces as an opportunity to refine all kinds of packaging.

Line screen printing

Realise motifs with well-defined colour fields particularly precisely: Line screen printing is the perfect printing method for that.

Raster screen printing

A fine printed image even with difficult motifs: Printing of raster images in screen printing renders it possible.