Displays & Trays

Noticeably successful: Displays for creating strong eye-catching presentation of brands and products is becoming increasingly more important: In the secondary placement, the decisive revenue increase is created. Today, in order to differentiate your offer, seasonal and special promotions for the creation of independent and high-quality brand worlds are a must for every marketing mix.

Karl Knauer develops and manufactures innovative displays, highly flexible trays and eye-catching store window decorations made from cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard or plastic for the success at the POS.

Product protection and transportability are important characteristics of a perfect tray and display solution. Through the use of innovative solutions using light, motion, aroma and further multi-sensor finishing, we will ensure that your product is an eye-catching hit at the POS!

Beyond this, we will upon request handle the additional packaging and the entire logistics.

Request your info package today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Displays & Trays

Displays & Trays

No outlet without a display: the decisive revenue increase is created at the secondary placement. Today, seasonal secondary placement and special promotions for the differentiation and...

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