Impressively different innovations

Designing a package that is more than a protective casing for the product, a package that gives the buyers the feeling of having purchased a particularly valuable item: This is quite a challenge. Over the last years, the specialists of Karl Knauer KG have shown that they can create packaging with unparalleled innovative power. Distinguished with many national and international prizes, Karl Knauer packages convince with their tactile, optical and sound effects. Different materials, sound effects and printed electronics which make packages light up – the possibilities are endless. Feel the magic of the impressively different packaging innovations of Karl Knauer KG.

Bombay Sapphire
When it comes to high-priced drinks, manufacturers attach great importance to a package that emphasizes the value of the product. This is particularly true for the high-end Bombay Sapphire gin by Bacardi. In cooperation with the British advertiser WebbdeVlam, Karl Knauer developed and produced what is probably the first freely available luminous packaging.  Since then, the company has been awarded more than 30 national and international prizes for its innovative packaging which is unrivalled on the market to this day.
The secret behind the luminous package is printed electronics, the so-called HiLight technology. When the customer reaches for a Bombay Sapphire bottle on the shelf in the POS, a 5-stage light sequence starts – enchanting and impressively different.

Red Bull Illume
While the luminous package of the Bombay Sapphire convinces with its light sequence, the Red Bull Illume package addresses several senses. For the drinks manufacturer, Karl Knauer KG developed an "invitation" to the photo competition "Red Bull Illume 2013 Image Quest". The package itself is a small black box. When you open the lid, you hear the click of a camera shutter. Thanks to printed electronics, the lettering "Enlightened" illuminates the camera-shaped USB flash drive on which the terms of the competition are stored.
An extraordinary competition requires an extraordinary invitation – and that's precisely what the specialists of Karl Knauer KG created. To this day, this eye-catching packaging solution is awarded prizes and stands for the future of packaging. Innovative, multi-sensory, and perfectly staged.

Another luxury spirit, aged for years in wooden casks, that deserves a special package: The exclusive whisky Glenmorangie. For this noble drink, Karl Knauer KG in cooperation with the London creative agency ButterflyCannon developed a complex packaging solution. More than 16,000 3D holographic lenses, a UV hybrid paint, inside printing, as well as relief embossing of the logo make the packaging a fascinating eye-catcher, while providing convincing evidence of the capabilities of today's packaging technology. In addition to the impressively different appearance, the surface finish offers an exciting tactile experience.
This innovation has likewise received a number of prizes and is another example for the fascinating packaging innovations made in Biberach.

A product that brings relief. And that must fit perfectly. Karl Knauer developed the matching packaging for the sports range of the company Bauerfeind. What is so special about it? When the customers take the package in their hands, the matte soft-touch finish gives them an idea of how good it will feel to wear the sports bandage that is inside the carton. Here, the feel of the package complements the feel of the product, drawing the customer's attention to it and increasing its value. The high-end finish created by the UV-Spot coating indicates that the package contains a true premium product. Customer convenience has also been taken into consideration: The innovative, fully integrated euroslot hangers, a sliding function with lock, and finger holes allow for easy, innovative handling.
Drink packages are not all: Bauerfeind packaging is a particularly good example for the extensive competence Karl Knauer KG has acquired over many years in almost all areas of packaging development and production. It does not come as a surprise that also the impressively different Bauerfeind package has been awarded a prize.

Coca Cola
Labels and packaging with printed OLEDs are ingredients the packaging of tomorrow needs to be endowed with. The printed, flexible and organic light-emitting diodes allow for an extraordinary brand staging at the POS and are thus the next technical revolution in smart packaging. Only a few nanometres thick, self-radiating and plane: printed OLEDs consist of organic semiconductors. They can be used even on extremely concave surfaces and can be manufactured at low cost. The energy self-sufficient OLEDS will radiate several weeks, for instance with integrated printed batteries or photovoltaic elements. In future, this new technology can be used to equip packaging, displays and POS materials with animated pictures, logos and texts. In future applications, the light effect will even be activated without touching: The customer approaches the shelf and the package begins to shine.

Black Panther
When the US-American Marvel Studios launched their new blockbuster "Black Panther" world-wide a package played the lead role: With a particularly exciting promotion in the shape of a spectacular package for Brisk Iced Tea, sponsor PepsiCo (USA) pitched the event to the opinion leaders.  Designed to perfectly match the look & feel of the cult movie, the packaging showcases the "Black Panther character" with all the senses. Everybody who gets the chance to see the package will immediately understand Martin Glatz's enthusiasm: Produced in a 3D printer with high-end finishing, a can of the PepsiCo brand "Brisk" designed to look like the movie hero "Black Panther" is set up on a small "stage" with side parts that fold out, making it resemble the interior of their hi-tech stealth ships.  The surprising stage effect occurring when the all-black packaging is opened was created by means of embossing in all facets, 20 seconds of light choreography, and sophisticated folding mechanisms.