HiLight – smart LEDs®

We have been passionate about cleverly integrating light into packaging, advertising materials and POS materials and developing new smart light products that offer added value for more than ten years. Light thrills people and therefore creates tremendous added value for even more attention, an even greater advertising impact and more memories.

HiLight – smart LEDs® is a patented innovation from Karl Knauer which – being a minimalist creation – integrates light into any paper, cardboard or corrugated cardboard product in an aesthetic, functional and affordable way to develop a sustainable, “Made in Germany” solution.
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Modern, sustainable and Minimalist

Unlike the well-known “classic” LED technology, which in most cases is considered in a negative light as “electronic waste”, HiLight – smart LEDs® represents sustainable, modern and minimalist “Made in Germany” technology.
In a new process, we fit the conductor paths directly onto the cardboard material, apply high-power, mini, flat LEDs, integrate a small button cell directly into the product, and use the battery itself as a “switch” to turn the light on and off.

Luminous product diversity

HiLight – smart LEDs® can be put to creative use for brand-new cardboard products: Promotional notebooks with light-up logos, flat cardboard torches, business cards with an integrated light aspect, decorative lights for events, and greetings cards and games with exciting light effects.