Trends in the packaging industry reflect trends that shape our present. But what is the future of packaging? What mix is required to acquire today's and tomorrow's customers? What tendencies can be seen and what demands will customers and consumers have when it comes to packaging? Those who recognize trends early and react in time can offer customers targeted innovations which are in demand in the market and at the point-of-sale.

Karl Knauer is one of the major innovators of the packaging and advertising industry. Numerous national and international awards underline our capacity to innovate.

Among the current topics our research and development is intimately involved with are all aspects of sustainability, security, brand protection and brand management, convenience solutions, added value and multifunctional packaging as well as merging of communications media and, last but not least, the optimisation and more efficient organization of the supply chain in close cooperation with our customers.

Innovation Engine 7.0

Excellence in packaging – let yourself be inspired! “The most innovative company of the year“ introduces the unique „Innovation Engine 7.0“ – the turbo boost for your success on the market. In seven dimensions we lead your packaging, your POS presentation and your process management into a more successful future!

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Future packaging / Luminous innovations

Packaging trends reflect general trends and are future-oriented. In some product categories, packaging has become an integrated product and brand element. The packaging of products will be influenced by an increasing number of functionalities and media.  Today's packaging industry is facing fascinating challenges.

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Innovations – impressively different

Designing a package that is more than a protective casing for the product, a package that gives the buyers the feeling of having purchased a particularly valuable item: This is quite a challenge. Over the last years, the specialists of Karl Knauer KG have shown that they can create packaging with unparalleled innovative power.

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