A selection of our references

We have been designing efficiency-enhancing mechanical engineering solutions for use in the packaging industry for our customers for more than 40 years. Our customers include well-known large companies and SMEs which are from the branded goods and services industries and are based all over Europe. With plenty of experience and innovative strength when it comes to brands, products and companies, we deliver impressive services time and time again.


Identifying potential savings. And making the most of them.


The story
Streamlined processes at Staedtler Mars: new, specific mechanical engineering solutions that were developed and implemented quickly lead to the considerable optimisation of packaging processes. The consequences: veritable savings enable efficient staff deployment, even at seasonal peaks!

The requirement
Replacing the outer packaging with simple cardboard blanks // Quick retrofitting of the machine to other formats // Substantial reduction in staffing costs // Increase in Output

The solution
Saving several work steps due to packaging larger volumes in the outer packaging // Machine concept for optimising mechanical support // Automated sealing, labelling and distribution

“The Karl Knauer KG mechanical engineering team came across as experts the first time we met them, and quickly submitted a solution for the task at hand. The system is designed to an extremely high mechanical engineering level and reflects the experience of the entire mechanical engineering team.” Martin Paul, Head of the Filling Centre at Staedtler Mars

Boosting growth. And benefiting from it too.


The story
Cushioning seasonal peaks, better integrating innovations in packaging processes. In addition to process optimisation, this also includes optimisation of handling for the consumer – all with a specified mechanical engineering solution.

The requirement
Packaging six different garden sprinklers // Developing new packaging for partially automated operation // Standardising packaging / folding layout // Machine concept for partially automated operation // Fitting packaging by hand, automated gluing

The solution
Developing a transport system // Designing smart workpiece carriers // Integrating glue control in the workpiece carrier // Higher level of automation
The new packaging machine leads to 80% cost savings and a tenfold increase in packaging performance. All of which are positive facts for Gardena.