Guaranteed success. Our quality promise.

We love quality. We’d even go so far as to say we’re obsessed with it. This is a standard you are more than welcome to measure us against. Because we know that a packaging machine works particularly well when everything is perfect with respect to quality. Then, you’ll achieve your desired efficiency effects and your processes will be reliably improved too. Our quality seal is the perfect expression of this high standard.

What we guarantee

With Karl Knauer packaging machines, you receive a guarantee on:

+ Bearing
+ Machine parts
+ Function
+ Agreed technical availability of 97% in the three-shift model
+ Agreed output per hour
+ Software update to the acceptance state
+ No calculation of technicians’ service times in the case of a guarantee claim
+ Optional: production Support

Other aspects that characterise Karl Knauer machines

We are proud of our packaging machines. And we want you to be too, because our high-performance packaging machines offer:

+ Low energy consumption
+ Affordable, modular system parts
+ Complete spacial flexibility due to space-saving and mobile machines in your corporate design
+ Planning and integration in your production layout
+ User-friendly design and easy operation
+ Maximum precision for professional and secure packaging

Hygiene as a quality factor

“Hygiene design” plays a key role for a high standard of food safety and product liability. Particularly in the food industry, machines, systems and components have to be designed and built in line with the most stringent hygienic standards. Karl Knauer works according to design principles that minimise structural bottlenecks for hygiene-related hazards. Materials, surfaces and design-related features always have excellent cleaning properties.

Flexibility as a quality factor

Maximum flexibility, dynamism and safety in the material and production flow: modern systems have to tackle the increasing variety of customised and personalised packaging. The Karl Knauer modular system for the packaging industry shortens the time to market and increases system availability – while delivering low complexity and efficient engineering at the same time.

Safety and service as a quality factor

Even at the machine selection and design stage, there is an expert team of Karl Knauer advisors on hand to assist you. And we’re even there for you after delivery, as our service team supports you throughout the entire machine lifecycle as part of our after-sales service, offering you convincing expert knowledge and therefore maximum quality and service with regard to operating the machine. Our customers benefit from our service team’s short response times and maximum flexibility. We offer you a guarantee and post-guarantee service throughout the whole of Germany. Scheduled maintenance extends the machine’s service life and reduces expensive machine downtimes.