Karl Knauer Innovation Management is already intensively involved and dealing with social trends, as these reflect the expectations of consumers in the near future: Packaging will be designed to meet more and more functions and also be produced in the most modern and efficient way. We are faced with many new challenges and developments that we are proactively pursuing with all the required commitment and dedication

The most important megatrends:

1. Functionality:
Functionality is based on the behaviour of the consumer and the product requirements for everyday use. User- friendliness and simplicity of packaging are on the way to becoming the most important performance parameters for the packaging of tomorrow. For this purpose, many features will be integrated into the packaging's actual protection mechanism. For example, lighting, temperature measurement, security features, integrated marketing functions and many more.

2. Packaging sizes:
The demand for small and recyclable packaging will increase, due to small units of consumption that will result from demographic changes and the increasing number of single households. This has implications on packaging designs, packaging flexibility and on packaging processes and logistics. In addition, the megatrend of individualisation will also have an impact on the packaging of the future.

3. Sustainability and material innovation:
The rising environmental awareness in society will lead to further improvements in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability at all levels. Karl Knauer is seen as a front-runner in these areas – a sustainable subsistence strategy is part of the central points of our corporate philosophy.

4. Supply Chain Optimisation:
Other areas of innovation will be in the segments of process improvement, lean manufacturing and flexible material flow. In addition, the integration into our customers' processes will remain an important issue.

5. Design:
Packaging is increasingly becoming a tool for brand management, as well as a stage for brand presentation. The decision that is made to purchase a certain product at the point-of-sale only takes a few seconds. When making an online purchase, successful brand communication is also an important element of product presentation. The concept of packaging design must meet continuously more requirements.
The engineering and design team of Karl Knauer is partner of many international brands and advises you in all aspects during the early stages of packaging development. You can take these into consideration for your products of tomorrow.