Giving in perfection

Novelties Season 2020/2021

Presentation is our passion! This is why Karl Knauer is again offering an extensive range of gift packaging for the new season: From elegant classics for special moments to original finishes to the newest design trends with a contemporary natural look – at Karl Knauer you’ll discover a favourite for every occasion. 

The advantage: Find everything in one place! As well as an extensive selection of gift cartons and folding box gift packaging, we also offer the usual fine selection of baskets, gift bags, wooden boxes, decorative items and displays.


New Motifs 2020/2021

Motif "Danke"

Say thank you with beautiful packaging! The new "Danke" range is highly versatile. Three motifs, depending on the size of the package, decorate the natural brown cardboard of our PURE line. A natural feel and trendy colour combinations, playful motifs; so different, and so fitting for offering thanks on different occasions.

The "Danke" motif is available as a 380 mm single-bottle wine gift box, a 360 mm two or three-bottle wine gift box, and as a 380 mm single bottle tote bag.


Motif "Weinblätter"

This year-round motive delights every generation. Intricately detailed vine leaves in this season’s attractive trend colour, dark blue, are entwined around the natural brown box, tempting you to look inside. The graphic symbol of a grape on the lid creates an exciting contrast in the design. The natural, raw feel of the motif comes from the surface of the PURE line packaging.

The motif "Weinblätter" is available as a 365 mm single bottle folding box, a 360 mm two or three bottle folding box, and a 380 mm single-bottle tote bag.


Motif "Weinberg"

We love the play of contrasts. Original PURE line natural cardboard combined with brilliant foil embossing; matte surfaces combined with a coppery sheen. The (noticeable!) 3-D effect of the embossing accentuates the abstract vineyard perfectly. Classy and captivating. A wine motif for connoisseurs!

The motif "Weinberg" is available as a 380 mm single-bottle wine gift box, a 360 mm two or three-bottle wine gift box, and as a 380 mm single-bottle tote bag.


Motif "Signum"

Distinctive, elegant, harmonious. The "Signum" motif has the makings of a classic. The 3-D hot foil embossing of this powerful symbol in classic gold on the matte black surface catches the eye immediately. The circle that forms this symbol has many meanings, from the cycle of life to the impression of a wine bottle or a Christmas bauble.

The "Signum" motif is available as a 380 mm single-bottle wine presentation box, a 360 mm two or three-bottle wine presentation box, and also as a 340 mm single-bottle wine and spirits folding box, a 405 mm magnum folding box and a 490 mm magnum folding box.


Motif "Premium"

A carrying box that lives up to the name “Premium”. High quality, with lots of exquisite hot foil embossingin shining gold, extremely durable, scratch-resistant matte foil lamination and a comfortable, practical cloth cord, the box is especially attractive. It is suitable for both wine and champagne, as well as for selected spirits.

The "Premium" motif is available as a 330 mm single-bottle carrying box.


Motif "Goldbarren"

Think big! One of the new season’s biggest trends is gold - the more of it, the better. The Gold Bar wine gift box not only boasts an opulent shape but also exceptional refinement. Completely encased in shining gold, it looks just like a real gold bar. A customised logo embossed on the golden surface definitely attracts extra attention.

The "Goldbarren" motif is available as a 325 mm single-bottle wine and champagne gift box.


Motif "Merry Christmas"

Festive and elegant. The new Christmas motif makes a great visual impact with a festive combination of colours in shades of cream, green and cooper. Loads of Christmassy elements, delicate details and soft snowflakes in the background convey the special atmosphere of this reflective time. The trendy deer that is almost compulsory nowadays adds the perfect finishing touch to the effect.

The "Merry Christmas" motif is available as a two-bottle wine gift box and a three-bottle wine gift box, both 360 mm.


Motif "Merry Christmas"

Tote bags are always popular for gifts of wine and champagne - at Christmas, too. Modern and emotive, playful and natural, the new Merry Christmas bag appeals to young and old alike. PURE line uncoated paper feels both pleasant and high-quality to the touch, and looks bang up to date.

The "Merry Christmas" motif is available as a 380 mm single-bottle tote bag.


Motif "PURE line"

For even more possible uses, a gift box for four bottles and tote bags with inspection windows have been added to the extensive "PURE line" range as from this season.

The "PURE line" range is available in either black or natural colours as
a 380 mm single-bottle wine gift box, and as a 360 mm two, three, four (only in black), five (only in black) and six-bottle wine gift box
365 mm two and three-bottle carrying box
380 mm single, two and three-bottle tote bag without viewing window
380 mm single, two and three-bottle tote bag with viewing window
395 mm two and three-bottle gift box base
gift basket in sizes S (190 x 140 x 100 mm), M (322 x 190 x 110 mm)
and L (350 x 254 x 120 mm).