Giving in perfection

Novelties Season 2019/2020

Presentation is our passion! This is why Karl Knauer is again offering an extensive range of gift packaging for the new season: From elegant classics for special moments to original finishes to the newest design trends with a contemporary natural look – at Karl Knauer you’ll discover a favourite for every occasion. 

The advantage: Find everything in one place! As well as an extensive selection of gift cartons and folding box gift packaging, we also offer the usual fine selection of baskets, gift bags, wooden boxes, decorative items and displays.


New Motifs 2019/2020

PURE line

For even more gifting options, gift cartons for six bottles, carrying cartons, carrying bags, gift cassettes and gift baskets extend the PURE line range this season. The Pure line range is available in either black or natural colours as 

1 bottle wine gift carton, 380 mm, as well as 2, 3, 5 (only in black) and 6 bottle wine gift carton, 360 mm
2 and 3 bottle carrying carton, 365 mm
1, 2 and 3 bottle carrying bag, 380 mm
2 and 3 bottle gift cassette base, 395 mm
Gift basket in sizes S (190x140x100 mm), M (322x190x108 mm) and L (350x254x120 mm). 


Motif Naturell

The Naturell design range has also been extended: The popular PURE line folding box with beautifully drawn, wine-themed images, is now also available as a practical carrying carton.

The Naturell design is available as a single wine bottle folding box, 365 mm, as a 2 and 3 wine bottle folding box, 360 mm and as a 2 and 3 bottle carrying carton, 365 mm. 

Motif Lieblingswein

Why not gift your favourite wine in one of your favourite gift cartons? The wine gift carton impresses with its natural look and a vivid, playful design. Suitable for both red and white favourites, the motif not only works for every season but also for every gift occasion.

The Lieblingswein design is available as a 2 or 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.


Motif Winterzeit

Fir tree branches, red berries, delicate snowflakes... there’s an extra special festive feeling in the air. Every year the winter season enchants anew, just like the wine gift carton of the same name. Ornate images, festive details and a natural look all contribute to the natural appearance of this winter-themed gift packaging. Not only is the Winterzeit motif particularly suited as evocative and contemporary wine packaging but it’s an excellent choice for any other Christmas gift as well. 

The Winterzeit design is available as a 2 or 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.


Motif Tannenduft

With its all-over print, the new Tannenduft wine gift carton is a true eyecatcher: Lush fir tree branches in a rich green – cleverly presented – and charming details such as gold stars and red berries create a festive mood.

There’s also an extra special highlight: If you run your finger over the fir tree branches, the scent of fresh fir unfolds - now Christmas can truly begin!

The Tannenduft design is available as a 2 or 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.


Motif Vinothek

In the wine industry, the terracotta design style is a perennial favourite. It’s not surprising really as it reminds us of time spent relaxing, beautiful summer days and Mediterranean easy living. All that is needed is a glass of wine, packaged in evocative gift packaging with the promise of sheer pleasure.

The Vinothek design is available as a 1, 2 or 3 wine bottle folding box, 360 mm.





Motif Struktura VITA Anthrazit 

As an attractive addition, the Struktura VITA range is now also available in anthracite. The already successfully established Struktura VITA surface structure ensures an impressively sophisticated look and feel. Combined with the trend colour anthracite, the wine gift carton presents a classic, sophisticated look with a modern edge. An excellent choice for refined, high-quality gifts.

The Struktura VITA Anthrazit design is available as a single wine gift carton, 380 mm, as well as a 2 and 3 wine bottle gift carton, 360 mm.


Motif Display Holz Rustikal

Karl Knauer is extending its display range! What’s new? A two-layer display with our best-selling Holz Rustikal motif. An impressive real wood look with plenty of realistic detail give the display a unique, natural charm. Available in stock as a standard display, its stunning appearance ensures attention at POS.

The Holz Rustikal display is available as a 2-layer display for approx. 100 bottles.