Giving in perfection

Novelties Season 2017/2018

Giving at its best - this is our requirement for exclusive gift packaging by Karl Knauer. Therefore we compiled a comprehensive gift packaging programme with attractive and surprising novelties that leaves nothing to be desired again this year.

Besides the very large gift box and folding box selection, we also offer a fine selection of baskets, carrier bags, wooden boxes, decorative items, and displays as usual. Karl Knauer provides everything from one reliable source and has the suitable gift packaging for any occasion.

Attractive motifs, trendy colours, timeless classics – once more Karl Knauer sets trends with its new programme in order to satisfy the demand of the market for special and impressive gift packaging.
Emotional giving remains an important topic in the season 2017/2018. Warm colours, golden shining refinements or a particularly natural feel – we offer many gift packagings for impressive giving on any occasion.

Our bestseller Holz Rustikal stands for emotions like no other motif. Rustic real wood look and feel as well as accurately copied details promise unique, natural charm. Therefore, we once again expanded the rustic wood series with gift baskets and trays for even more application possibilities.

The flavour of the season are also young colours: Fresh green, bright pink and sunny orange stand for natural ease and lighthearted giving. Together with the upscale surface structure Struktura VITA, a modernly interpreted and elegant gift packaging is formed.

New Motifs 2017/2018

Motif Nostalgie

Reminiscing and forgetting the time with a glass of wine. The new motif Nostalgie is a particularly emotional packaging: upscale, dark wood, gold tones, a matte/gloss finish as well as selected photographs create an exceptionally nice and warm look. This way, the wine gift carton is ideal for the special wine gift.

The Nostalgie motif is available as a wine gift carton for 1 unit, 380 mm as well as a wine gift carton for 2 and 3 units, 360 mm.



Motif Fresh

With its fresh colours, the modern design and the unique surface structure Struktura Vita, the young motif Fresh does not only stand for ease and pleasure, but also for elegant and upmarket presents. A modernly interpreted wine motif for the givers that are young and young at heart!

The motif Fresh is available as a wine folding box for 1, 2 and 3 units, 360 mm.



Motif Holzkiste Weihnachten

The popular Christmas motif Holzkiste Weihnachten comes in a rustic, deceptively real wood look and feel and is reminiscent of pleasant hours under the Christmas tree. Many elaborate details such as the white snow, the words branded into the wood and Christmas elements make the gift box an emotional eyecatcher for the most beautiful celebration of the year. In the new season, the wine carton Holzkiste Weihnachten for 6 bottles complements the series: Large wine gifts, packaged impressively different!

The Holzkiste Weihnachten motif is available as a wine gift carton for 2, 3 and now also for 6 bottles, 360 mm.




Motif Frohe Weihnachten

With the Frohe Weihnachten motif Karl Knauer completes its diverse programme and at the same time offers an alternative to the rustic wood look: The wine carton in light, festive wood design and with an innovative wood feel spreads a wonderful Christmas atmosphere thanks to its elegant elements in the Christmas colours gold, pearl and red. What makes it special: a motif in the horizontal format – extraordinary giving for select presents.

The Holzkiste Weihnachten motif is available as a wine gift carton for 2 and 3 units, 360 mm.



Motif Sternenband

As another Christmas motif, Karl Knauer presents the Sternenband motif. The wine gift carton in modern kraft paper look impresses with an upscale hot foil stamping of the stars in gold. Together with the silver stars and beads as well as the delicate band they give a very special solemnity to the wine carton.

The Sternenband motif is available as a wine gift carton for 2 and 3 units, 360 mm.



Motif Detroit

As an attractive programme complement for the carrying cartons for 6 bottles, Karl Knauer offers a new carrying carton in the trendy patina look this season. The rustic look and the vibrant colour of the carrying carton are perfect for the impressive presentation of full-bodied beers. The carrying carton can be used for 0.5 litre and 0.33 litre bottles with a diameter of 67 mm.

The Detroit motif is available as a carrying carton for 6 units, 230 mm.



Gift basket Vintage Sterne

As an attractive programme complement for the Christmas season, Karl Knauer also offers the gift basket Vintage Sterne. Also equipped with the deceptively real wood look and feel, the stars seem to be branded into the wood. A gift basket for impressive giving at the special time of the year.

The gift basket Vintage Sterne is available in size M (medium), 330x190x110 mm.



Gift basket Vintage

As of this season, the new gift basket Vintage complete the bestseller series “Holz”. This proven wood look and feel is especially suitable as packaging for the assortment of exclusive gifts in a basket. The gift basket is available in two sizes: This way the suitable packaging for any content is guaranteed.

The gift basket Vintage is available in the size S (small), 190x140x100 mm as well as M (medium), 330x190x110 mm.

Gift tray Vintage

Another novelty of the rustic wood series is the gift tray vintage. Equipped with the well-known real wood look and feel, as well as with its natural details, it convinces with a unique, natural charm.

The gift tray Vintage is available in the size S (small), 205x170x55 mm as well as M (medium), 365x220x55 mm.

Carrier bag Holz Rustikal and Holz Weihnachten

For people that prefer an unparalleled natural charm the Holz Rustikal motif and its Christmas version Holz Weihnachten is ideal for rustic giving. Just like all products of the bestseller series, the carrier bags are also equipped with many accurately copied details.

The Holzkiste Rustikal and Holz Weihnachten motifs are available as a carrier bag for 1 unit, 360 mm for 0.75 litres and 1x1 litre bottles.

Carrier bag Edle Tropfen und Weihnachtskugeln

The carrier bags Edle Tropfen and Weihnachtskugeln impress with their matte/gloss finish that emphasizes the elegant details of the motifs. The Edle Tropfen convinces with a 3D effect of its circular waves and unites the trend colours gold and grey. The Weihnachtskugeln motif on the other hand is kept in beige and taupe tones. Its elaborate details such as the Christmasy balls and delicate snow flakes give it a very special solemnity.

The Edle Tropfen and Weihnachtskugeln motifs are available as a carrier bag for 1 unit, 360 mm for 0.75 litres and 1x1 litre bottles.