The Struktura series. Exceptionally impressive.

Elegant and very eye-catching. A new optic and sensory experience: "Struktura" gift packaging has a refined, textured surface and makes an extremely good impression with effects from a new dimension!

You have the choice from numerous "Strucktura" variations:

Struktura VITA: a timelessly elegant and refreshingly different embossed design.

Struktura LINEA: Modern, clear, elegant. A timeless and beautiful texture reduced for maximum effect!

Struktura QUATTRA: Harmonious, significant, and cultivated. The embossed design is brilliant, the form refined   into “sculpture” packaging!

Struktura STELLA: Festive, noble and playful- The star in the Christmas gift sky. Stella is the star of a new dimension of exclusive gift packaging!

Our Strucktura gift-packaging series is available in a row of fantastic colours and effects, especially in exclusive Royal Metallic and the new Brilliant Red Metallic and Nacre Metallic.

Individualisation: Your gift packaging. Your selection.

MyStruktura- Our offer for your individualised packaging in the technical diversity of the Struktura series. You have the freedom of choice. Choose from various colours, finishes, films, picture motifs or embossing variations? Due to the use very modern technologies, your gift packages can be achieved in line with your requirements.

Be open for something special!
Your marketing concept is the basis for creative solutions. We develop and produce customised solutions in keeping with your requirements, no matter if this calls for special materials or even effective and practical special designs.

Awarded for high performance and innovative capacity!
Each year, we are awarded for our impressive diversity, flexibility and innovative capacity. You can also benefit from the ingenuity and creative power of the market leader, Karl Knauer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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